Thinking Out Loud Thursday: Yoga in the Club (Flight)

I love tackling new things, especially workouts. I’ve done everything from hot yoga and barre to CrossFit and BodyPump. A few weeks ago, I tried OrangeTheory. I love it all except running for more than 5K and spin – I tried it 2xs/week for a month and still don’t like it but I do like bicycling outside.


This weekend, I drove up to LA on a rainy day and went to a nightclub… at 11 A.M. There was even a DJ and I was there to move my body, but this was for Flight, a fitness event led by Sydney Benner.

I can only describe Flight as “yoga in the club.” It’s a combination of dance, sculpt, and flow.

We brought our yoga mats but wore shoes. There is cardio intervals, sun salutations and finally, abs before savasana. I was definitely sweaty by the end.

At the end, we tried Urban Remedy juices in these teeny plastic martini glasses.

Sydney had fantastic enthusiasm and I cannot wait to go to more events and even try this at home without the loud music.

Thanks Gina the Trainer for informing about the event!

What new workouts are you trying this year?

MIMM: More (in the new year)

1. Read more. I put out a call on Instagram for some suggestions.

2. Cook more and have sit-down meals even when it’s just me.

I made myself a few spanakopitas.

3. Move more. I quit the gym, worked out at home, and did a lot of yoga. I didn’t get in as much hiking as possible. Truth be told, I also miss training at the gym. :/

4. Sleep more. I sleep about 10 hours every day over break. This will prove problematic when I start working again.

5. Spend more time with family and friends. The holidays are a great reminder that I have some family I like. I also reconnect with many of my friends. 🙂

I’m super excited for some time with friends this week:

  • Dinner with ex-co-workers
  • Friends from North Carolina who are visiting the Sriracha Factory
  • New Year’s gathering with the girls
  • Visiting friends in LA
  • Hiking and hot chocolate with ex-co-workers
  • Once a year visit to San Diego to see Conor!*

*In communicating with Conor, I accidentally texted another Conor in my phone, a very good looking Conor whose number I got and forgot it was his. Oops.

What will you be doing in the new year?

Treat Yourself Tuesday: Make Your Own Rules Diet Book Launch & Yoga


After work on Friday, a couple of my co-workers and I headed downtown for drinks (beers!) and dinner (fantastic crusted tuna!), and ran into some ladies from my old school.

I pretty much crashed when I went home after playing with Bear-Dog (Baron).

Cat came over on Saturday so we ate pancakes, ran errands, and shared a sandwich:

I’ve never religiously gotten my nails done, but the price at Nails by Priscilla is hard to beat.

I pre-ordered Tara Stiles’ Make Your Own Rules Diet book.

It came right on time for me to make my way to the W Hotel in Hollywood.

Tara’s book launch party and rooftop yoga:

Such a gorgeous (abet windy) Sunday!

We sampled some snacks and juices from her book (and had a mimosa).

I haven’t had time to read her book yet but did peruse through the book for recipes – I can’t wait to make some of the breakfasts and desserts, my favorite!