Treat Yourself Tuesday: Stop Bringing Work Home


I didn’t get a whole lot of sleep last night – Baron woke up and wouldn’t stop barking – but thankfully, I slept so much on Sunday.

I finally got up at 5:30 to workout, drink coffee, and eat breakfast before getting to work at 7am and staying there till 5pm. I made a commitment to catch up and stay at work till I was completely ready for tomorrow. There’s nothing like being 100% ready, or at least 95% ready. I decided then that I would no longer bring work home unless I have to.

It’s not that my job is hard. It isn’t easy either but it’s not quite dull and it’s a good challenge. I more often than not enjoy work and the hilarious stories I get to tell about work. I just don’t want to burn out. 

I know tons of people who started teaching and stopped and I’ve read numerous articles about teacher burnout.

I’ve been in this biz for 8 years, and while I’ve never been full-time teacher before now, I have worked as a long-term sub with all the tasks and half the pay and as a full-time assistant. I almost quit education as a preschool assistant!

I’m glad I never quit. I love teaching and besides this side hustle of blogging, there’s nothing else I would want to do in a 9-to-5 kind of job. My friends and family could never get me to stop talking about my “kids,” some of whom are getting their master’s degrees, nurses, or even photographing for ESPN! 

I put so much of my heart into teaching that there are days I come home and fall asleep before 7pm, or shed tears because I felt like a failure or when my students did something so fantastic. So for longevity sake, I’ve decided to take a step back and realize that I am doing enough.

Like with everything else in life, this is not a competition and more is not always better.

So instead of taking work home with me, I spent an hour walking around the neighborhood in search of my missing package. I’ve given up and think someone stole the dozen plastic dogs and mini magnets. :/ Guess that craft project will have to wait.

Then read blogs. A couple of my favorites:

Then read books.

Then watch TV shows with a hot Boulder guyOh yes, Boulder hippie/hipster guy with beard.

And tomorrow, I will make ice cream! YEP, I treated myself! Hopefully this doesn’t get lost…

Oh, and thanks to my history family (Conor) for treating me to this sweater… without either of us remembering.

And to Christy for treating me to this magnet from London.

Do you bring work home?

What’s your day like after work?

I don’t have goals [yet]. (Part 1)

I don’t have goals.

had goals, like reaching 135 pounds and when I reached that years ago, I kept going and hit almost 110 pounds. That did not go well and here I am at 135 again. It was a struggle to let go of a weight loss goal. A weight loss goal sets me up for depression.

In the back of my head, I want to lose 10 pounds. Oh yes, those 10 pounds every woman wants to lose. Actually 10 pounds or 125 pounds is where I was before I started working out 5-7 hours a day and not eating (600-1000 calories per day).

So I don’t have a weight loss goal.

I don’t have a body fat goal. I don’t have a strength goal. I don’t have a yoga goal. And I definitely don’t have some goal to run a half or full marathon. I don’t know what my body fat is. That would depress me too. I’ve had strength and yoga goals like increasing weights or getting into a pose. I even ran a 5K in 27 minutes then I realized I don’t like running.

Right now, I workout because it’s a habit. I workout because I want to move around and because I can abet slowly when I’m sick.

I don’t have eating goals. I don’t have goals for drinking water. I eat pretty well every day. I drink tons of water.

When I let go of the “goals,” I live freely and I live a life of balance. I can go out again. I can focus on work.

But there’s a problem with not having goals at all. I don’t know where I’m going.

Someone asked me where I see myself in 10 years and I hardly had an answer. The only thing I could say was I want to go back to a high school.

Yes, that’s it. How big is my want? How great is the fire?

My answer:

  • I’m not excited about going back to work next week. I have a lot to do, but even worse, I am not entirely thrilled about teaching my kids. I am usually excited to get back to my kids…
  • Once a week I come home and go to sleep before 7 PM. It’s not just a nap – I sleep through the whole night!
  • Over the last 3 months, I’ve gotten sick 3 times. I had a regular cold, tension headaches that lasted a whole week, and I’m at the end of a week and a half cold. Due to this month alone, my hormones were thrown off!

Do I want this for even another year? No.

So what must I do?

  • I signed up to finish my remaining tests to be highly qualified in English. I can take one at a time, the first at the end of January.
  • Take those last 2 classes to be get my Master’s in Special Ed [to get paid more] starting September 2015.
  • Continue working hard and doing more at my current job.
  • Apply and get a job at a high school that it’s in my old district or a comparable district. Pray that the staff is just as great.

And here’s a kicker: I jumped on board with my friend Denise to work in the finance/insurance business. It’s a good group of people and a little side job.

Hey, maybe this isn’t such a big deal since most people make their life decisions at 29.

Stay tuned for part 2, where I address non-career goals.

Thinking Out Loud Thursday: Rediscovering Learning


I miss learning. I miss history. I miss college.

In college, I focused on African American history and British history. I’ve forgotten much of British history at this point though…

I often renew my knowledge of the Mesopotamia, Rome, or the Constitution.

I teach, but I don’t often get a chance to learn anything new.

This is why I enjoy trainings.

Most times, it’s on behavior or writing or technology because that’s the focus nowadays.

However, I’ve had a chance to go to “Writing in History” where a college professor came and spoke.

He briefed us on the Song Dynasty then let us analyze primary sources. I love primary [and secondary] sources. 

A bunch of us history teachers go to play, discuss, and discover a part of this Song Dynasty scroll.

Here’s the animated version that was created for the China Pavillion at the 2010 World Expo.

So rad.

I’m so behind.

I want to…

  1. Take history classes for fun?
  2. Read more books like Collapse by Jared Diamond.

And because I’m almost there…

  1. Get my master’s degree in special education because I have 2 more classes.
  2. Take the test so I can teach English since it’s such a hot commodity.