Walking holiday

In an attempt to sleep less and make it to TurboKick & PiYo, I woke up at 7:45 and had breakfast.

Then I walked to the gym. I was bringing my mat so running was not an option today. I wanted to see how long it would take me to walk – 22 minutes according to Google maps. It appears so much shorter than 1.1 miles that it is.

I listened to Catching Fire and encountered random table cards on the sidewalk.

I haven’t been to a TurboKick class in almost 2 weeks! I was antsy and scared for the new round. My knees hurt a little during the workout. My thighs are quite happy for the work though. Though I was sluggish in TurboKick, I enjoyed PiYo. It may be my favorite. PiYo showed off some of the strength I’ve earned from the LiveFit trainer. I can do actual pushups now by the way. 🙂

My hungry cousins wanted to meet for lunch. We chose Fortune Cookies so I could easily walk over.

I went to their other location before they opened up this one near us and like their healthy Chinese food.

What is this starter? Gross.

I went with chicken and broccoli and brown rice, which I skipped after a few bites because it was dry.

My cousins dug into sweet & sour chicken…

And orange chicken. I tried both and they were excellent.

Instead of hitching a ride, I decided to walk over to the bank and then to the market for 99 cent strawberries (mmm). My feet are worn out.

I’m glad I got some walking in today because it looks like cloudy skies and rain for the next few.

I keep saying that I’ll paint my toes/fingers and grooming my eyebrows but this has yet to happen. Maybe tonight.

Work begins in less than 2 hours. Time to rest and put together some sort of dinner. 

No snow

Snow would be a wonderful excuse for staying in bed, but no, it’s already sunny and I was reluctant to get out from under the blanket.

On today’s agenda, farmer’s market, workout, library, and… not so sure.

This was my first time to Orange Home Grown. It’s a small farmer’s market, but they definitely have unique vendors. Today, they had free coffee and baked goods from Chapman University. I needed the coffee!

I also loved that they have a banging logo.

I picked up Sweet Lilikoi‘s chocolate croissant to try. I was drawn to the design of the packaging and the beautiful crafted pastries. I’ve always wanted to try a chocolate croissant too. The chocolate spilled over and made chewy crusts of chocolate on the sides of the croissant. Then there was the big surprise, the secret pocket of chocolate in the bottom. I just though the bottom was thick, but NO!, a piece of chocolate stayed intact in the bottom. Maybe if I heated it up, it would have been more delicious.

I found the closest 24 Hour Fitness in Orange. It’s two stories and recognized as a “24 Hour Fitness Sport,” which means it’s bigger, and thus, similar to the one I go to normally (Bella Terra in Huntington Beach). However, this gym has a strange layout… even the group X room.

I did like it more though because it was spacious, clean, and though reviews said it smelled like B.O., I did not notice. Must be used to it? I felt like they made an effort to correct it too – I saw some air fresheners. Another advantage was that the bathrooms and showers don’t have the same entrance/exit because it makes the floors gross for those who just have to pee.

Because I was there for TurboKick, I liked that there was lots of natural lighting in the group X room and also downstairs where I biked before class.

Biking was effortless today and TurboKick was fun. I had an endless amount of energy.

Now for lunch: Miracle Noodles with green beans (lots!) and some canned chicken in Rising Moon‘s organic pasta sauce.

I just made pumpkin pie spiced almonds. I can’t pay $6-7 for Planters. I left them in too long though and burned some.

Now for the library and to sign something I forgot for my second job.

1st of tha month: August

I love when months start on Mondays! It made me think of Bone Thugs! Love them.

I was thrown a curve ball this morning as I trekked with all my belongings – basically my laptop – for a mile.

I finally made it to a later Turbo Kick class with 20+ minutes time to get on this strange elliptical machine, which is actually an “adaptive motion trainer.” The machine allowed me to do either steps or stride like a gazelle.

I didn’t have a TV to watch though.

Turbo was equally awesome. I was pointed to as the example for advanced options. During one of our Turbos (HIIT), a guy came in who complained about our loudness by shutting down our music! He said he was a lawyer and if we have to open the doors for air, we shouldn’t even be occupying the room! It was pretty dramatic and thus, funny. 🙂

Lunch was fresh salmon steak over romaine.

As for the rest of today:

  • 7:45AM: breakfast – 1/2 c. 0% Fage yogurt
  • 20 mins on the AMT machine
  • 9-10AM: Turbo
  • 10-11AM: Bank and bills
  • 11AM: Quick rinse
  • 11:30AM: lunch – salmon over romaine
  • 12-2PM: TV & naptime
  • 2:30PM: snack time – 1/3 apple & 1/2 c. Arctic Zero Mint Chocolate Cookie
  • 5:30PM: bites of blueberry & strawberry banana donuts from The Donuttery
  • drove around for fun
  • 7:15PM: dinner – salmon over romaine
  • 9PM: green juice from Mother’s Market