Team Lochte & the emotion of excitement

I don’t cry often. I do cry during some touching parts in movies but not in real life. The Olympics, somewhere between reality and fantasy, always make me tear up.

Tonight I tuned in for two of my favorite events:

The women’s gymnastic team event… wish I could do anything they do! Two of the girls are from Southern California!

And the men’s relay.

Okay, I could care less if this is #19 for Phelps. I really just love Ryan Lochte and have since the last Olympic games.

These guys are hot. Not to discount Phelps’ swimming abilities…


The Olympics are exciting yet super emotional.

*The commentator on NBC had a wonderful quote about emotions by the way. He said that we give the name of the emotions we feel. I can name a feeling as anxiety, fear, or excitement and that is what it is to me. Hrm.

Well, I get excited, both good and bad, easily. This morning, I was excited to discover we have a waffle iron!

It’s nothing fancy but made me TIU protein waffles… I won’t be making those again. The iron started to whir and whiz and freaked me out before I took them out early. They resemble and taste similar to the pancakes, which is just a much easier and tastier route.

I got gas before work. $50 doesn’t fill up my tank at $3.67 per gallon.

After work of moving tables around, I got off early and didn’t have to go to my other job. This wasn’t the case – I was double scheduled until I got someone to cover my shift but only after I asked to get off early.

I came home for a nap before heading to TurboKick. Gah, it was a frustrating class. The floor was slippery and the room is huge so I couldn’t hear or see the instructor on the day she puts together a new set. 😦

I intended on staying for BodyPump but was so down in the dumps.

When I got home, I watched the Olympics and made a super simple peanut butter & jelly protein bar from Dashing Dish.

Pretty delicious for a protein bar with just eggs, PB2, and protein powder.

And if you can’t get enough Ryan Lochte like me, watch these:

What’s your favorite Olympic athlete/event?

WIAW: Summer Staples

I’m 2 weeks into the 4 weeks of working at the Fair and already getting a little sad about it.

In a few weeks, I will be back at work. Not that I don’t like work, but summer has been so much fun this year: I went to Austin, Texas for the first time, went hiking multiple times, and oh yeah, worked this cool job.

I also made some food discoveries this summer. I’m no longer eating Frankenfood. I didn’t eat a lot of it to begin with, but I’m ditching frozen yogurts, the idea of Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches, and fake sugars even if I only add it to coffee, something else I drink very rarely. I’m also not shying away from real sugar and other real food.

I adopted Tone It Up protein pancakes made with Sunwarrior raw protein and bombshell spell, a pineapple juice-based metabolizing drink. Natural sugar.

Today’s grocery list was short because I already have the bases for my meals. Xantham gum may not be as natural, or it doesn’t sound like it.

What I really ended up buying…

Strawberry fruit spread for protein pancakes and peanut butter & jelly protein bars, a thinkThin bar because I had a coupon (caramel fudge), protein/spicy jalapeno chicken sausage, amaranth even though I have little idea of what to do with it, & the cheapest wine ever: $1.99 Charles Shaw shiraz to make sangria

Cottage cheese, Sprinkelz, and Dr. Oetker organic vanilla pudding mix – it’s higher in fat but has a less weird ingredient list – for a Dashing Dish’s cake batter protein shake.

I had stevia but didn’t put it in, but I added sprinkles. At $1.99, the Sprinkelz are more expensive, however, I figured I liked having sprinkles for photos. 🙂 Just wish it was more colorful.

I brought lentils to eat at work, but since we had a floorset, my manager got us pizza from Z Pizza. This is the slice of an XL Provence pizza with artichokes. I love pizza!

For dessert, my blended failed and couldn’t whip up cottage cheese for whipped cottage cheese. I just ate the cottage cheese with some strawberry fruit spread.

Recent staples:

If I get into a bind and I’m hungry, I’ll eat Fage with some mix-in.

I actually went home at a decent hour. 

Tomorrow is another work day, but I get off early and then got my other shift covered. I didn’t need both though I do want to go to TurboKick tomorrow so it’s happening!

Also on the agenda for tomorrow: return library book, find new Chobani Chocolate Chunk, and buy some real ice cream.

Have you tried Chobani Chocolate Chunk?
What do you eat when your tummy is grumbling at night?

Indian, or something like it + Pinteresting Wednesday

Breakfast was an aesthetic fail but still good. My Sunwarrior protein made it a bit grainier.

TIU pancake + bombshell spell, which needs ice to make it look more substantial.

Today’s highlight: the great moment when my undies are loose. See, I buy smalls or mediums and I’ve got a lot more booty than boobs. I didn’t try them on of course and they were snug, giving me some semblance of a muffin top. 😦 Well, not anymore! Maybe there is progress being made and in my favorite part of my body!

I went to Hot Ra 1 again. Unlike last week, the class was PACKED! I did okay, enough to make me feel successful.

I immediately came home because I had so much to do and prep before work. I was hungry already so made coconutty sweet potatoes again and drank coconut water.

I made lunch and dinner, Indian-style. I had no idea what to do with lentils after a long night of searching…

I started with dinner by boiling water and tossing in a pack of TJ’s steamed lentils. I let it cool while I cooked a roma tomato, some frozen corn and peas, and onions. I added 1 cup of vegetable stock before mixing in half the bag of lentils and spices. Dal? Or something that actually resembles it and tastes good too.

*The other half of the bag will be reserved for any recipes you can offer!

Since I had my curry powder out, I decided to make my own version of curried tuna salad: 1 can tuna with 1/2 apple, 1/2 onion, 1/3 cup Greek yogurt, handful of cranberries & walnuts, curry powder, and salt and pepper.

Finally a shower and tuna lunch then some nail painting and reading. I’m still reading Middlesex and though I just read another Ann Brashares book, this series of hers is my favorite!

I need to unplug for a while, and by that I mean, while I’m away at work and sleeping tonight.

And let my new obsession with the cuteness of the Tone It Up girls continue…

And a few non-TIU girls pins…

Rashida Jones

Source: via Julie on Pinterest

Looks small but love everything about it!

I do this… :/

They sell these at work. We can all easily make our own.

How do you eat lentils and tuna?
What book series are you completely into and wish it didn’t end?
Share any of your favorite pins as of late!