MIMM: San Diego girls’ getaway

I spent a MARVELOUS day and a half in San Diego with my friend Vanessa!

First, answer these questions for me! I find that these get lost after all the pictures!

Have you been to San Diego?

What’s your favorite protein? I decided that eggs and ahi tuna are my favorite!

Where’s your favorite place for dessert?

We stayed at the MARVELOUS Hilton Bayfront – pretty good prices.


We got a MARVELOUS view of the bay.



While waiting for Vanessa to get ready (an hour!), I went to downstairs and had a drink. I checked in on Yelp and got my flight of LOCAL beers for $5!


We got in late so the ONLY thing to do was head to the MARVELOUS Gaslamp District.



$2 you call it – we got a 3 shots of Patron each.


We made some new friends, went dancing, and I apparently ate 2 HUGE slices of pizza and some wings at 3 AM. That freaked me out, but I realized I hadn’t eaten much all day and I wasn’t hung over the next day. 🙂

In the morning, I frolicked in the salt water pool and jacuzzi for awhile.



Then I showered and got ready to go walk 2 miles each way to the MARVELOUS Little Italy Saturday Mercato.


The weather was gorgeous and the architecture… swoon. Did I tell you that I wanted to become an architectural historian?


This is THE MOST MARVELOUS farmer’s market ever!



I got a green juice to make me feel more human again.


..and beef jerky infused with craft beer.


When I got back to the hotel, Vanessa was awake and ready for lunch. I picked Crazee Burger, which was featured on the Food Network.



They have game meats (boar, buffalo, venison), ostrich, and… kangaroo. Yeah, I went for it! Friends said they liked kangaroo, but I thought it was a little dry – probably a lean cut of meat.


We weren’t going to drink again and it was too late for any boating adventures. :/ Instead, we explored the MARVELOUS Hotel del Coronado.


Afterwards, we headed back to the Gaslamp for a historic ghost tour. I hadn’t noticed the MARVELOUS architecture and got to go inside some buildings. Our tour guide was MARVELOUS too! He had an old West accent and made inappropriate jokes. 🙂


Old brothel


Of course there were some MARVELOUS quirks as we walked down the street.




We weren’t quite hungry, but it was 9 PM so we went to dinner at The Boathouse. It was deserted – we went because Vanessa had a gift card. Not the best restaurant by any means, but I LOVE fish and the menu had every fish possible.

I got the MARVELOUS ahi tuna with veggies. So good!


[My phone died so here are pictures from the internet… :)]

Stopped by Starlite to get dessert. I loved their MARVELOUS mid-century decor, my favorite!


Nothing called to us. Starlite is more of a bar really, since the huge bar takes up the entire center of the restaurant.


We left and went to Extraordinary Desserts. I’ve gotten a couple of their $8-$9 slices of cakes and was not impressed. The downtown location is big and beautiful though.

We got the strawberry shortcake with roasted strawberry buttermilk ice cream… and again, not impressed! The cake was more of an almond cookie. :/


Have you been to San Diego?

What’s your favorite protein? I decided that eggs and ahi tuna are my favorite!

Where’s your favorite place for dessert?

MIMM: Stone Farms

Saturday started out MARVELOUSLY bright and early. Boy do I miss staying in Friday nights and waking up at 7 A.M.

I started with a MARVELOUS sweaty & energizing workout:

I added some strength training and yoga along with it for a total of 1 hour.

I cleaned out my car and headed to a family function for a bit, but the main events were to come…

MARVELOUS Patchwork Edible Festival, their first!

So many vendors and delicious sweets. I tried a bunch but refrained from getting anything.

Then it was off to San Diego. The weather was finally MARVELOUS for me. Everytime I go to San Diego, the weather is cloudy.

I was actually in Escondido to meet up with my friend Conor. We went to college and studied history together. He taught me how to drink beer/forced me to drink by taking us to places that only served beer. So of course, our adventure was centered around… beer. 🙂

First stop, MARVELOUS Stone Farms. Stone Brewery, Conor’s favorite, bought this tiny farm and serve their beers on tap. It was empty when we got there.

I want to get married here! 

We enjoyed 3 MARVELOUS high gravity beers each within an hour and a half.

We drank sitting at MARVELOUS picnic tables…
And moved over to the MARVELOUS hammocks where we watched goats and peacocks.

Even the porta-potty here had carpet and a running sink!

We continued our adventure in downtown San Marcos, near the university. We drank another beer and ate (a meat & cheese plate) at Churchill’s Pub, and met up with my friend who was also down there to visit his family.

Story time: I got snatched to hang out with my friend and his brother despite not wanting to. In the end, he dropped me back off to Conor’s… except it wasn’t. There was a car that looked exactly like my car on a nearby street. Luckily, the house was having a party and a nice couple came to my rescue and drove me to the right place.

I woke up to the beautiful Escondido hills and enjoyed a nice drive home along the coast, just in time for Sunday yoga. 🙂

Have you been to San Diego? What was your favorite part of it?

MIMM: Adventure time [at the Safari]

MARVELOUS Friday adventure to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park

Getting there just in time for the MARVELOUS hot air balloon

…where we got to see the whole park.

We got a MARVELOUS deal ($22) for admission and the Africa tram safari.

The gorilla doesn’t look so big from here…

Lots of MARVELOUS pictures were taken.

The best: elephants.

Brushing goats

Old Town Mexican Cafe for MARVELOUS dinner after skipping lunch: lots of guac and ceviche was perfect after a 91 degree day. Too bad we didn’t have more daylight to explore Old Town.

I came home for a total of 25 minutes, showered, and went out to Downtown Santa Ana. Again. We headed to see a friend DJ then did 2 hours of MARVELOUS dancing.

Saturday off?! Now that the fair is over, I have my MARVELOUS weekends back! First stop, shopping – I finally bought myself a pencil skirt (not pictured).
Recovery with froyo…

…and green juice

More guac, made with Greek yogurt though, and stuffed into shrimp spring rolls (sans noodles)

Getting dressed for to cheer on friends at a MARVELOUS Saturday night beer pong tournament. Oh my face…

Most organized tournament ever.

They even rented out a porta potty for the guys – ladies got to use the indoor restroom – with a side table with sanitizer.

Our boys lost and were rather depressed.

But their friends played in the finals and almost won. Actually, it was just one friend because his partner had to withdraw.

I lovingly took care of drunk people with water, got between arguments, and cheered them on till the end

MARVELOUS Sunday brunch post-yoga: bacon, veggie cheese, and guac sandwich? Yes please.

Found and should’ve taken this MARVELOUS sign while grocery shopping!

Sadly, I haven’t met a Hangar beer I like. I did get to try some new-to-me beers though:

Belmont Brewing strawberry blonde was light and had a touch of strawberry taste.

Also got my hands on this tasty beer. I’m ready for fall!

What’s your favorite animal? I love pandas of course, but I am fascinated by ostriches and meerkats!