Five Things Friday: Wine Cork Wreath & Other DIYs


I made this list one morning during breakfast. It’s similar to my August goals list but it’s ongoing since I can’t do all those things this month.


I’m on a DIY kick! Here are 5 DIYs either I or others have made:

1. I made strawberry jam. It’s the most American thing I’ve ever done?


It actually looked decent after sitting in the fridge. #FreezerJamFriday


2. I made a mixture for oil cleansing. 50% castor oil, 50% grapeseed oil.



3. We work next to the department with yarn. They made us all these flowers.



4. We have our own DIY station where I taught people how to make bead bracelets. I haven’t made one since middle school.

My design is on top. Chris made everybody one. #FriendshipBraceletFriday


This is Chris.


5. I’m not a lush. The local wine society gave us tons of corks so I made a wine cork wreath for all seasons.

#WineCorkWreathWednesday would be more appropriate even though it’s not Wednesday.

 5 DIYs I want to make

1. Wine corkboard

2. 4th of July clothespin wreath

3. Clothespin garland

4. Simple clothespin garland for pictures for the wall in my bedroom

5. Wine jelly

What are you itching to make?

Friday Five: July goals (on Sunday)


I haven’t done one of these in so long.

I don’t have a work out X number of times per week anymore. I do what I want to when I feel like it. Sure, it might be just a 10 minute 4 rounds for time WOD I saw on Lindsay’s Instagram.

That’s not to say I don’t have goals. My fitness and food goals have taken a backseat to other goals, such as…

5 7 goals for July

1. One of my goals is to Complete the #MoveHappy challenge by continuing with walks, hikes, bike rides, yoga, lifting, or not doing those things because I lifted boxes and walked around all day or because my wrist hurts.

2. Do fun things with friends or on a date.


3. Reach out to more bloggers and go to more events.

4. Have fun at work and make friends with my co-workers.

5. Apply and get a job. Staying motivated is hard.

6. Reach out to my existing friends. Sometimes I love the freshness of a new friendship that I forget my old ones.

7. Drink a little less. It’s summer, but I can start misbehaving especially around VIPs. 🙂


5 #MoveHappy activities







5 #MindsetMonth quotes






Friday Five: Blend and real life


5 things I learned at Blend

Healthy living bloggers like to drink too.


We all don’t love working out.

Nor do we all like waking up early, but we do enjoy nature. No one appeared bothered by dirt.

You will make friends.

5 things I’ve learned about myself at Blend

I make friends easily because I talk a lot and I’m not shy. As I get older (yes!), I’ve become more confident. Although, I was still overwhelmed when I saw big name bloggers.

I don’t vacation on vacation. I hardly slept and crashed on Monday.

I still hate running but I’ll do it. I ran yesterday when I did GPP’s Denizen.

Screen Shot 2014-06-11 at 11.38.53 PM

I can trust myself with food. I ate copious amounts of seafood (salmon mostly), salads, and warm, hearty meatballs.

…and somehow this always happens, but I lose weight on vacation or at least, I have a better body image because I don’t actually weigh myself so I don’t know if I actually lost weight.

I made this side-by-side to show the Quest rep, Clark. One of the coolest things is that he is a transformation story too and so are a ton of other people – healthy living for the win!


6 reasons this week was awesome

The entirety of season 2 of “Orange is the New Black” is on.

Working doesn’t deter me from happy hour and [nitrogen] ice cream from a la minute.

A too sweet Hawaiian Cadillac marg because my bartender didn’t make it.

Avocado ice cream still not as good as The Hop


There’s a hydration station at work.


I get to work with this crazy dude and a lot of fun people this summer.


Work party with my work mom! 🙂

I think I have a date. I never know if that’s what to call it. Maybe it’s just a hang out.


“You’re too good for him.” This is true. Let’s be real.

“You workout enough for 15 people.” …when I was hesitant about eating some ice cream.

I still don’t know…

So I’ll just continue being great.

5 posts from Blends It seems like I love these posts, rather than recaps, most.

6 Life Lessons Learned at Blend

5 Things I Learned at #blend2014

#Blend2014: Refreshing

I am re-obsessed with sweet potatoes. This one is from Ari’s Menu.



One of my favorite things in the whole wide world: mac & cheese. Foodie Misadventures’ taco macaroni & cheese makes it even better.


I had this super sweet Hawaiian Cadillac marg on Tuesday because my bartender wasn’t working yet so this other guy made it for us. I should try to make my own, like this Pineapple Jalapeno Margarita.