Five Favorite Things Friday: Slow down


Happy Friday! This was an exciting week and I felt accomplished though I hoped to get a little more done. January has started off pretty busy, especially returning from the holidays, so I’m taking this 3-day weekend to slow down again.

Five reasons this week was exciting

I worked everyday this week, and it was a glorious, fun week. Next week though, the students have finals so teachers may not need a sub.

I also got to see some of my favorites. I want to have kids only so I can name them after my students: Max, Ruben, Shawn, and Aron… though I’m not fans of Ruben or Aron and am not sure how “Ruben” would work unless I adopted.

We bought a house. I haven’t seen it in person. It’s a 2-bedroom, 1-bath townhome.

We’re getting our house inspected. I’ll take pictures and share when I finally get to see it tomorrow!

I have no plans this weekend. I turned down hanging out this weekend. I want some alone time to relax. Friends are sometimes stressful – planning, agreeing, getting dressed up – though they shouldn’t be huh? I may hang out with Peter (friend of 20 years) but that’s always easy.

Five foods I want to make and eat

I thought I was over pumpkin anything till this…

Recipes from my new book, Primal Cravings. Yeah, I bought it.

My amazing friend made a ton of their recipes too:

Butternut squash lasagna

Strawberry shortcake waffle

Devil’s food snack cake

Cuban burger

…and The Globe will be in my new hometown abet a little far, but I want to try it! Not only do they focus on one country for their prix fixe menu per month, they also have lots of beer. Heck yeah.

Five to-dos over the long weekend

Homework. 😦 I finished reading for next week so I can complete the threaded discussion and get along with the other assignments. This professor is not quite involved and gave me 100% on an assignment I turned in 2 hours later. I’m not complaining or anything – I’m acknowledging that I don’t need to work as hard.

Eat Urban Pie pizza. Finally. They are a mobile, brick-oven pizza vendor that serves up fun combinations made with fresh ingredients.

Then head to Ikea to scope out some accessories and this cart for the kitchen. I’m 1000% sure I’ve posted this before…

Go to TJ Maxx to scope out dinnerware and flatware, etcetera.

Finally go hiking at Mecca Hills/Painted Canyons, even if it’s by myself but hopefully not.

Five Six great, informative articles

20 reasons to move to Spain right now

Why we crave peanut butter, as I sit here eating apple and PB. 🙂

What city should you actually live in? I got Portland, even after changing around my iffy answers. My friend, the international traveler, got Cape Town, and my literature friend should live in London. This is pretty accurate.

What is starvation mode?

Symptoms of metabolic damage

Does anyone else have a 3-day weekend?

Any good links to share this week?

High Five Friday: Enough to cook

I’m giving myself the biggest HIGH FIVE this week!
Yesterday, a relationship ended and unlike in the past, I wasn’t upset. I wasn’t even surprised.

Yes, it was only 2 months old. But in my world where 6 months is the longest ever, that’s a long time. Okay, it’s not.

We became too close as friends. It got weird – I felt like a therapist. I was listening to problems, to him talking all the time. Conversations were one-sided. I’m totally okay with that as a friend though and we’ve already continued talking as such.

Also, I don’t have to drive 30+ minutes to see him. I can finally commit to putting my his name in my phone book too.

And out of it, I realized I’m not shallow (because he was really attractive) and that I do want something more from a companion.

Alright, the rest of this more of a WIAW and not so much a High Five Friday. Guess I’ll just have to cook more good lookin’ food next week.

After work on Wednesday, I lazied around, napped for 30 minutes (not bad), worked out, and headed to dinner with co-workers. I got ceviche – there was so much I had leftovers!

HIGH FIVE for Open House was fun. I met and talked to parents and was told I have great energy and am really bubbly… not sure if that’s good.

HIGH FIVE for seeing a friend for a quick minute, which gave me quite a bit of energy. That and I ate some of what I made.

Note: These are all recipes from my Pinterest. I actually went through and made a special list of recipes to make… since they’ve been pinned and ignored for so long.

I’ve been wanting to make these since I saw them: Oh She Glow’s no-bake Elvis bars with Sunspire white chocolate.

HIGH FIVE for avocados appearing in the fridge so I made The Lean Green Bean’s peanut butter avocado cookies.

HIGH FIVE for this pumpkin and paleo recipe: Elana’s Pantry paleo pumpkin bars. Not as pretty, but they tasted like pumpkin pie/bread pudding out of the oven. Yummmm.

HIGH FIVE for something salty too: cilantro lime chicken with the leftover chicken before it went bad.

How many times per week do you food prep? I prep 2-3 times. The 3rd time is for the weekend.
What is your favorite pumpkin recipe? I’ll make a post of my favorites and ones I want to make next week!

WIAW: Dolmas & end of Paleo challenge

I’m having trouble sleeping. I’m working, working out, and doing homework – exhausted but unable to sleep till 1:30 A.M. last night. So, in effect, a 5 A.M. alarm didn’t happen. A 6:30 one did and I’m craving a Sidecar doughnuts. I rarely eat whole doughnuts.

 This week, I bought fresh grape leaves. It took awhile to even track down canned grape leaves and when I got there, I saw a sign for fresh leaves. I didn’t know what to expect.

But my paleo dolmas turned out great. I cut and cleaned cauliflower for the first time too!

There’s a lot, but I eat a lot of them too.

I also made super simple protein balls from Gabby’s G-Free Instagram.

My new CrossFit friend Anna sent me a recipe for dark chocolate banana ice cream. I froze banana medallions the night before and came up with this delicious treat. I want some more…

We finished the Paleo challenge yesterday, a lot earlier than we expected. We won. I’m happy…

… and I’m experiencing less bloating.

I’ll keep trucking along the Paleo path 80-90% of the time. It wasn’t a huge adjustment in my life.