Wouldn’t mind a nice place to live

My current living situation isn’t ideal, but I realized I don’t mind. I pretty much live in my car and am at work, my second job, or working out mostly anyways.

Still, I love browsing. Who doesn’t?

Dream house. Perfect size too.

Exposed brick.

One of my favorite pictures ever. Minus the cat. I don’t like cats.


A bathroom DIY.

What is your interior design style like? Which of the above photos do you like most?

What I need…

I’m breaking down. This whole moving thing is stressful emotionally. I’m scared. I have to find a job and I need to find one soon so I can figure it all out… It’s a step down in life for now.

My family is sometimes pretty awesome. I got a call from my aunt reassuring me that I have a place to stay and I can settle in before I find a job. My cousin’s girlfriend also recommended a few mall jobs for me. I guess mall jobs in SoCal are much different than the mall jobs here though I’m not quite fond of them either way.

I started to apply for a job as a library assistant. I can’t tell you how ridiculous the questions were. Even if I were to Google them, I couldn’t figure out how to explain all the library programs. For now, I’ll have to wait since I only got one of my three letters of recommendations back. :/

So maybe I can focus on other things like a desk I’ll need when I get back. I’ve never had a proper desk. After much searching, I found a few I like on craigslist and some DIY projects for anything I may find there.

I have one of these chairs. It’s a bit too neat for me, but I still like it.

(image from craigslist)

I WANT THIS! It’s cheap and I can totally remove it from the room it’s stuck in. 🙂

(image from craiglist)

(image from Design Sponge)

(image from Manhattan Nest)

I thought about some Ikea hacking, but I just can’t buy their flimsy furniture when I can get something old and sturdy.