Five Things Friday: Treats (iPad Air)


5 scenes from the week

I spent all day training, learning about behavior interventions and how to physically intervene too.

While I was away, my kids got to watch “Encino Man,” make a crest/shield, and visualize the American Revolution.


Because of work (boo!), I missed the Ocean Spray PACt fitness event with Fitnessista (and others)! I did spot the “water” at the store and got to try it.


I have mustered enough energy to do a 30 minute workout everyday. In the past, I would’ve freaked out at just 30 minutes, but now, it’s good enough, especially since stand/walk around all day and can hardly get in lunch.


Other than that, I attempted and completed filing all my students’ work.


…and here’s a cute picture of my dog for ya.


5 pretty exciting things

I finished my pumpkin!


My taste in music nowadays is… rainy?


I got a free song too. This is Pink’s new project and it’s good!


I have insurance now!


The big one: I spent my entire Thursday after work playing with my new toy, my iPad Air, which I totally deserved after the day I had…


Of course, I needed to procure a case for it. It’s still in the mail though.

5 things I’ve eaten this week

Guac and chips on Tuesday when I was too lazy to go to Taco Tuesday


Ultimate sandwich: Applegate Farms’ pepperoni and soy cheese between Kodiak Cakes.


More Applegate. I love deals.


Speaking of deals, I got $2 off food at Starbucks. Now I can’t get over this turkey bacon breakfast sandwich.


I finally found Luvo flatbread and used a coupon I’ve been holding onto. So good!



…and I have another one in the freezer. 🙂


5 things I’m looking forward to

Pumpkin Glow

Anaheim Fall Festival

Bicoastal Biathlon, which I haven’t decided if I’m going to yet.

Getting a manicure with my little cousin


Five Friday Favorites: Falling in love with music & BJ Penn


5 things that make me happy

1. My last hurrah as a sub is with a group of students I fell in love with. Surprisingly, it’s not my favorite school site – it looks like a prison – but it kind of is now because I love these students!

2. The last few episodes of “Breaking Bad” is on Netflix!

3. “Scandal” is back and I forgot (last night) – I’ll treat myself to it today! I’ll probably have to re-watch some episodes to remember what happened last!

4.  A guy offered to help me move the couch even though he lives 30+ minutes away, but I really needed a truck for the task and he doesn’t have one. However, my best friend Peter’s dad’s truck was actually dead! He ended up coming anyways to load the couch in my car (a Honda Element) after I sent him this. 🙂


*I meant it when I said his workout was more important, but he thought I was being sarcastic.

5. Said guy from above (not Peter) also looks like the MMA fighter BJ Penn. Thanks Yancey for pointing that out. I’ll take it. Always thought I’d end up with an islander, except said guy is not an islander…


5 songs, because I’ve become obsessed with songs lately?

1. Donald Glover, or “Childish Gambino” sings “Heartbreak.” Yancey thought his rap songs would be parodies but they’re not.

2. I only found out that he rapped because I heard Jhene on Spotify. Do you remember her from early 2000s B2K songs?

3. Jhene and Lil’ Wayne are featured on Big Sean’s song “Beware.”

4. One of 15 feel-good songs from the last 10 years:

5. My personality doppelganger sings a song:


5 things I’m looking forward to in the next week

1. Finishing up this last class!

2. My paycheck today!

3. An invitation to lunch at Luna Grill, a Mediterranean & Middle Eastern restaurant, on Sunday. They must’ve heard Mediterranean is my favorite. Wait, that and sushi, but I’m limited on sushi choices.

4. The opening of Eureka! because I love food and beer.

5. Trying Guava Cream Ale beer at Valiant Brewing’s 1st anniversary!


5 12  links (that’s a big jump!)

Eating Disorder Awareness & Recovery: As the sun rises, the darkness fades. Sometimes I don’t know if it’s over either, but I just “live in the moment.”

A long one, but a good one: When does healthy living become a diet?

ED’s are not one size. It’s not uncommon to be uncommon in ED.

Wearable fitness trackers: Are they creating a new addiction? I don’t own one and that surprises even me. I wanted one, but I don’t need one. I already take my fitness and eating game too seriously. I don’t need it as motivation. My friend has one and will get obsessed over walking enough. Yes, she will walk more, but do I really need another thing? I remember when I wanted to buy a heart rate monitor – would that really be a big deal in my overall fitness? Probably not for me.

And then there’s this: For those with orthorexia, diet can never be ‘pure’ enough.

What I learned from 2 years of intermittent fasting.

Weight loss and self love. Health is measurable, beauty is not.

50 shades of fit

What’s your belly type? Can I get flat abs?

[Video] Body shape: How to calculate your shape & change your body. Hey, I have the perfect waist-hip ratio but have a high chest-waist ratio because I have no chest…

Why the advice “Just eat more to rev up your metabolism” is misguided. I watched all 45 minutes of this video. Extremely respectful couple with lots of science and knowledge behind their thoughts.

An interview with Neghar Fonooni because she’s fantastic.


Who is your personality and/or physical doppelganger? Who does your partner, if you have one, look like?

Friday 5 Favorites: A Leisurely Way to the Weekend

I’m happy to say the end of this week feels good. I finally caught up on some sleep last night, am going to make myself French toast (for French toast Friday) before work, run a few errands after work, workout, do my nails, and go out with the girls.

And now I will share more quotes and such with you in this week’s Five Things Friday hosted by Claire & Friday Favorites hosted by The Diary of a Real Housewife.


 photo FFaves_zps6c1a013e.png

Five things that make me happy

1. Finishing homework due Sunday yesterday!

2. A sale on Suja juice. Guess where I’m going after work!

3. Meeting up with some ladies tonight for wine and apps.

4. Watching “Frozen.” Though I have to watch it again because I fell asleep at 10:30… and don’t have to be at work until 8:45.

5. This song from Disney’s “Princess & the Frog.”

Five quotes

Five Eight links

College was hard, but it’s entirely worth it.

On changing dreams < critical reading

Why am I still bloated?

Her first article on Huffington Post: Want optimal health?

Why we must stop feeling fat < start living, stop ignoring life

Why your weight doesn’t matter < favorite of the week

Does fasting have a place in a healthy lifestyle?

6 reasons why the single life shouldn’t suck

You should fall in love with someone who inspires you

Five recipes

Bacon guacamole grilled cheese…

Five couches for the house

How are you gearing up for the weekend?

Share some links!