MIMM & Motivation Monday: Favorite Fitness YouTube Channels

Last July, I let my gym membership expire. That doesn’t mean I stopped working out though – I just started to workout at home.

For Marvleous in My Monday & Motivation Monday, I thought I’d share some of my favorite YouTube channels:

Fitness Blender The couple is awesome and they update often. They combine quick interval training, strength, and stretch. There are even kettlebell workouts.

POPSUGAR Fitness I’m actually surprised by their workouts. They have many more medium-level cardio or lighter weight workouts.

Yoga with Adriene She updates continuously and she’s hilarious. Right now, she’s holding 30 Day of Yoga with practices leading from 15-30 minutes. I love these to give me a boost when I have little time or energy. I just found out that she teaches in Austin – I’ll be going!

BeFit These are a hit or miss. Scott Herman’s workouts are usually a hit. I learned about Flight from them.

SweatyBetty They’re a clothing brand, but their channel works with trainers from studios like Barry’s Bootcamp.

Ones you are probably more familiar with:

Tone It Up These girls have good workouts and loveable personalities.

blogilates I have to be honest, I find her annoying.

Some days, I find some local fitness events.

This weekend, I went to a Yelp fitness event at Precision Fitness. We were paired up and stationed to do 1 minute intervals, alternating with our partner. It was a lot of fun since everyone was there to test out the workout and I chatted with my new workout buddies. Oh yeah, my abs hurt everytime I laugh, cough or sneeze.

Here’s me hating/failing at Bosu ball mountain climbers (and my partner on the battle ropes).

Today, I’m heading to Santa Monica to practice yoga with Dice Iida-Klein, an instructor I admire from his YogaGlo videos.

What are your favorite at-home resources?

MIMM: Reuniting with Friends (NYE, Lake Hollywood, Griffith Observatory, & San Marcos)

It’s Monday and I’m linking up with Katie for “Marvelous in My Monday.” The start of the year has indeed been MARVELOUS and I’ve already worked on my 2015 goals.

  1. Read more. I finished a book to end 2014 and started 2 new books, Wild (which I actually started but never finished) and The Happiness Project.
  2. Cook more & have sit-down meals. I’ve shared meals with friends all week!
  3. Move more. Nature walks and hikes below!
  4. Sleep more. I have no clue when I fell asleep last night but it was very early then I came home to take a nap.
  5. Spend more time with family and friends. Again, everyday this week! I even swung by my family’s house to hang out.

New Year’s Eve

Lunched at The Pizza Lounge with Nate & Anna who stopped by on their way from Fresno to San Diego. Nate and I worked at the preschool together in 2010-2011. I’ve had the chance to see this awesome couple 3 times since I moved.

Played “Never Have I Ever” with this group to ring in the new year. I left at 11pm though because I wasn’t feeling great. :/

New Year’s Day

Drove to LA and walked to the Lake Hollywood Reservoir. They were closed for the holiday but we still got in some fresh air and a view of the reservoir.

Andrew lived on my floor in the dorms. He’s an assistant for a director in LA.

Denton has been Andrew’s roommate for almost 4 years!

Dinner at The Golden State: Sweet potato wedges and The Burger without cheese, without aioli, medium rare, which I ate without the bun.

January 2nd

Drove back to LA to hike around the Griffith Observatory. We were in awe and it was perfect for Evan who told us he decided to switch his major to astrophysics.

We went for a short hike/nature walk.

Christy & I. Evan was there too. We are former co-workers but we all still hang out.

My phone died but we had a late lunch/early dinner at Mustard Seed Cafe closeby. It was a cute little diner that transported out of LA. They still served breakfast but I got a turkey burger over greens. Then we got one of the best hot chocolates in the world at Demitasse Cafe: lavender hot chocolate.

January 3rd

I met up with Conor in San Marcos for a drink at Churchill’s Pub & GrilleIt ended up being lunch (beer battered fish & chips) and 3 drinks.

We rolled over to the Belching Beaver Brewery, had more drinks, and even made new friends.

Conor and I were history majors, wrote our history theses together, and had a “history family” that drank beer and would fall asleep on each other’s couches/floors.

January 4th

Slept most of the day then ran errands for food.


I’m back at work after 2 weeks off, but I’m going to continue with my goals in mind.

I’m making a list of things to do almost daily to be fulfilled in 2015. What are you doing daily to reach your goals?

MIMM: More (in the new year)

1. Read more. I put out a call on Instagram for some suggestions.

2. Cook more and have sit-down meals even when it’s just me.

I made myself a few spanakopitas.

3. Move more. I quit the gym, worked out at home, and did a lot of yoga. I didn’t get in as much hiking as possible. Truth be told, I also miss training at the gym. :/

4. Sleep more. I sleep about 10 hours every day over break. This will prove problematic when I start working again.

5. Spend more time with family and friends. The holidays are a great reminder that I have some family I like. I also reconnect with many of my friends. 🙂

I’m super excited for some time with friends this week:

  • Dinner with ex-co-workers
  • Friends from North Carolina who are visiting the Sriracha Factory
  • New Year’s gathering with the girls
  • Visiting friends in LA
  • Hiking and hot chocolate with ex-co-workers
  • Once a year visit to San Diego to see Conor!*

*In communicating with Conor, I accidentally texted another Conor in my phone, a very good looking Conor whose number I got and forgot it was his. Oops.

What will you be doing in the new year?