Can’t help you bro (WIAW & LiveFit Day 65)

I forgot to post last Friday. What was I doing? To think back, I was trying to do a lot but never ended up doing much.
Let’s reminisce…
PB Fingers’ oatmeal cookie dough overnight oats. Half the recipe for oats and chia seeds but extra milk.
Topped with a little granola.
After a tofu and broccoli lunch, I was still hungry after work. I wanted food, healthy food.
New place in downtown Huntington Beach: North Shore Poke Co.
Their special bowl, regular size with cucumbers. Though it looks small, I didn’t get rice to cushion it. The fish was fresh and yummy on top but a little too saucy/salty at the bottom.
I dropped in at Forever 21 to grab this nail polish. I got the heads up from the girl working at the frozen yogurt shop. It’s minty but not as bright as my mint sorbet color. Why do my fingers look so stubby??!
I took a quick nap before heading to the gym for LiveFit Day 65. It took me almost 2 hours and I only ran half the sprints. My shoulder started hurting. Overall, parts of my body didn’t feel as strong as they once were. I’m confused.
Oh boy, I DO remember how embarrassed I was! A ‘bro’ asked me to spot him. I gave him the I-really-shouldn’t look and said “I don’t know.” He was sure I could help. Okay, I gave it a try and we were fine the first time. Then I failed to help him with the second rep and he couldn’t push the 200+ pounds off. Thankfully, there was another guy there to help.
This is the second time I’ve attempted to help and failed. It’s less about the ability than the positioning. 
I rushed to get some spirits (Skinnygirl Sangria – not that great) to meet up with a friend for study night. Yeah, lame, but I was excited to study since I waste away my weekday nights with fun instead of education. I finished a chapter and we chatted with minimal drinking (I drank 1/3 of a beer).
We also ate faux pork spring rolls (without noodles) and soy chicken from MitAsie, a vegetarian/vegan Vietnamese restaurant. Totally filled me up. Not sure if they use MSG though – I was kind of thirsty. No picture this time, but I’ll be going back for those spring rolls!
What are some of your salty snacks? Sometimes I hard boil eggs for snacks.
What are your embarrassing gym moments? We all have them!

Dozing off (LiveFit Day 62 & 64 + 3 On Thursday)

I eat 2 egg whites every morning. I just switch up the carb to make it interesting/exciting: Van’s Lite waffles! Two days in a row.
I only slept 6 hours or less yesterday. I needed coffee to power me through.
And boy, it got me through!
I went to the gym immediately after work for LiveFit Day 62. The exercises went well, but I was mostly itching to sprint. 
Part of my workout was done the night before when I spent 30 minutes at the gym, in search of weights. I decided not to post my workout weights today because I’m not using my own computer and because my weights aren’t increasing now with more reps.
I got nice and sweaty before I went to my friend/co-worker’s yoga class.
She subbed a couple of classes at a new studio, Harmony HB. The studio is large and offers yoga, barre, and wait for it, hoop dancing. Hoop dancing brings me back to Asheville. Unfortunately, that’s where my hoop is too. :/
The class is a yin yoga class, which focuses on deep stretching of the muscles around the hip. I totally needed it. I found out that my hips are not as open as they once were. More stretching needed…
I received a coupon from Zone Perfect in the mail the other day so I bought their blueberry flavored one at Whole Foods on my way home. I ate 1/4 of it and saved the rest for last – I do this all the time.
Some music before bed…
Today is pictureless. Oops. I got my Foodie Penpal package and did take pictures. Of course, that won’t be revealed until the end of the month! 
Here’s a quick recap of my day:
  • Taught half of a math class when the teacher had a meeting and a sub failed to show up.
  • Went to the gym for LiveFit Day 64, a leg day. I worked hard on my hamstrings, did the lateral bound and long jumps, and felt pain in my knees. Gah, must give them a break.
  • Picked up my “The Color Run” packet! 🙂
  • Helped my cousin buy a thank you card for his internship.
  • Studying. What??! 
And now, here’s a new feature: 3 On Thursday.

3 on Thursday
What three books are most important to you? What books do you re-read most frequently?
1) You should probably know that I don’t reread books. Except maybe ONE: The Ear, The Eye, and The Arm.
I read this in a geography for teachers class. I loved it. It’s not a book I would typically read, but I love the fantasy of it.
2) Since I don’t have other books to report on, I thought I’d just tell you what books I’m looking forward to. I finished Catching Fire and it’s a cliff hanger so I can’t wait to read Mockingjay!
3) Bill Bryson. I have two of his books on my shelf, In A Sunburned Country and At Home. I’m so glad he wrote the latter.
Your turn!What books are you reading?Do you re-read books? Why or why not?There’s a yoga for everyone so what’s yours?

Sleeping, eating, & exercising machine (LiveFit Day 61)

I still have spring break sleeping habits. I slept super late and woke up a few times last night so it didn’t feel like a luxury sleeping in until almost 10.

I didn’t even devise a meal for breakfast. I put together 5 slices of turkey, a Laughing Cow strawberries & cream wedge, and two egg whites.


Back to work. Mondays are quick so Tuesdays are actually harder, especially since I work tomorrow.

I was still tired so I came home for a quick nap before the gym.

I ended up spending 2 and a half hours at the gym. First, I completed LiveFit Day 61. The gym was packed and of course there was a guy who obnoxiously counted out loud.

There were a few new moves like the decline crunch and bent arm dumbbell pullover. I did okay. It didn’t last as long as it appears.

I did 10 minutes of sprints 30 seconds on and off before TurboKick. Another great class – I exploded out of burpees and did extra jumps.

I was an eating machine. First, Tera’s Whey pomegranate-goat protein to get immediate nutrients.

I made tilapia and corn for dinner and yogurt for dessert. My cousin and I shared two containers.

He made guacamole from fresh avocados so we dove into some with hint of jalapeno chips. So good.

Do you get ravenous after a workout or does it take some time for your body to realize it? I eat right away because it’s the best time to fuel up. I’m sometimes not very hungry though.
How long is your longest workout? Today was extremely long for me. I didn’t intend for it to be, but it’s a treat to get Monday nights off and go to this instructor’s class.