MIMM: The Great Move 2014 Day 1 (Saturday)

Hey Julie, where have you been? Between MARVELOUS student teaching on weekdays and moving in this weekend, I’ve gone MIA. You may have seen a few pictures on Instagram, but I neglected my phone all day yesterday!

So far…

  • 2 trips fully loaded in my car
  • Garage cleaned and organized
  • Kitchen cleaned, lined, washed (dishes/pots & pans/utensils/everything), organized
  • Master bedroom carpet ripped out, painted
  • No big pieces (furniture & appliances) until we paint the living/kitchen areas
  • Attempt to but fail at spray painting then paint thinning my ugly old Ikea Tromso bed frame – welp, that just means I get to buy a MARVELOUS new one in time.

I loaded up my car (with toilet paper it seems) on Saturday to for “The Great Move 2014.”

Our tenants were slow to move so all I could do was sweep the garage and clean ALL the cabinets. Dusty…


I unloaded everything from the car and stuck it in the cabinets temporarily.


Some sneak peeks of the MARVELOUS (town)house:

Living room from the kitchen – nothing has been done here. We’ll just paint and move in!


The master bedroom – carpet is coming out, walls painted.


My mom helped me out by cleaning the drawers and counters in the kitchen though our tenants did do some cleaning and I cleaned up the stove (yuck!). I also set out a few basic things. 🙂


After a hard day’s work, we had a MARVELOUS DIY pizza from The Pizza Press. So good, and leftovers in the morning.


Stay tuned tomorrow for progress pictures.

What is the most daunting room to clean? Garage and kitchen, both of which I did this weekend so it’s all easy sailing from here right?

Treat Yourself Tuesday: Selfies & a lot of nothing


Short week!


…and not a whole lot going on. Now that’s a treat!

Hanging out with my buddies:


“Breaking Bad” Season 4 while doing homework

Treated myself to lots of selfies.

10:30 A.M. post-workout smoothie




Mid-afternoon fresh-squeezed grapefruit juice & seltzer water


Lots of green around these parts.

Unintentionally green. I even had Brussel sprouts & edamame in my lunch pail. On my way to deliver Chinese New Year stuff (green bag).


This is January?


More stuff for the house, which I don’t live in for another month!

Not bad for $30?

How have you treated yourself lately?

Treat Yourself Tuesday: Getting Artsy


This weekend, we found The Fresh Market in Santa Barbara. I treated myself to covered bacon pretzel, grapefruit gummies, and Thai curry cashews.

When I got home, I finally treated myself to streaming “Her.”

This is a big one, and I have no photo of it yet, but I treated myself to the purchase of a dryer.

And this evening I treated myself to perusing at art and posters for the house.



Bedroom 🙂

Living room in yellow and gray:

Mantel, in yellow:

What kind of artwork do you have in your home?