MIMM: Life of a Carnie #diyhashtagproject

My friend Alex started this Instagram account @diyhastagproject and the hashtag #diyhashtagproject, and I’ve just been having fun making up hashtags.

I can’t believe it’s already August and that the good ol’ fair is almost over. For those of you who didn’t realize it, I work at the fair during the summer and it’s actually a blast sometimes.

For 23 days of the fair, I work strange hours and do things like order ribbons, check in 250 cupcake entries, and walk around a lot.

Here are some scenes from my summer life:


#FlexibleFriday at The Yoga Mat


A giant almond butter cup I’ve been working on for the last few days from Blackmarket Bakery


Kristen (below), Allison & their significant others came to visit. We went the rodeo, drank some beers, & karaoked – we attempted “Pretty Woman.”

Kristen got this bacon with a mustache.



In the morning, I headed to the Anaheim Packing District for #SaturdaySizzle


Yoga was taught by my favorite The Yoga Mat. #SweatySaturday


I stayed for boot camp led by My Fit Life, and I won a visor (and headband) from Lorna Jane! #SwagSaturday


White cucumber roll #SushiSaturday lunch at Maru Sushi


I had the night shift. Christy & I were shocked by Evan’s kitchen cleaning and decided to give all the guys awards.

Chris is great at #SweepItSaturday


…and I stayed up late. #ShockedSunday when I found out this guy I had a crush on in 2008 married this chick. Um, you could’ve had me. Just sayin’.


Someone did ask me if I had a boyfriend, in a non-creepy way, and I said no. Well, this article speaks the truth: I’m just too darn smart. Okay, I’m just too crazy. 🙂


I stopped by Sidecar for a doughnut. #SmoresSunday #SidecarSunday


Coffee was necessary too. #StumptownSunday


After hearing about it from Whitney of To Live & Diet in L.A., I was ecstatic to find black bean spaghetti.


#SpaghettiSunday with Trader Joe’s marinara & some feta for lunch.


#SundaySupper was Kodiak Cakes with a choice of bananas, blueberries, whipped cream, Nutella, & cookie butter!

Chris made his own, I made Cade a little of each, & Eric wanted plain but I decorated it. 🙂


Eddie & I are the night supervisors… seriously. Come get information! #SupervisorSunday


Eddie, Eric & I. #SteretopyicalSunday #SombreroSunday

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No really, we just have these hats at work.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

#MexicanMonday and this week’s #ManCrushMonday is… Ryan!


What’s the craziest or most interesting job you’ve ever had?

1st Meetup: Peters Canyon hike

In May, I made the goal of going to 2+ Meetup events. Well, I didn’t, and the goal didn’t carry over. Still, like with everything, I had it in the back of my mind. Plus, I get all the e-mails.

I also have Peters Canyon in my Yelp bookmarks. One of my co-workers hikes there sometimes, and let’s be real, Orange County hiking couldn’t be extremely strenuous. Yet I never managed to go alone.

I saw that the OC Young, Fun and Nerdy group had a hiking venture to Peters Canyon and jumped on it. And… I actually went!

Oatmeal to get me going:

Everyone was extremely easy to talk to and lots of fun. I had a chance to talk to everyone in the group during the 1.5 hour hike. We did 5 miles with some hills.


The group ate lunch afterwards. I decided to hang around but ate when I came home. After a long, hot walk, I wanted something cool: shrimp spring rolls (in rice paper not fried) again! Its been my go-to meal lately.

Summary of my first Meetup group event:

  • I’m excited to get to know these people.
  • I will not shy away from Meetup groups.
  • In our group of 10, there were 2 or 3 other first timers.
  • I’m okay walking uphill, but it’s the downhill I dislike.
  • So I’m not as nerdy as I think. My cousin doesn’t think I’m particularly nerdy either.

I was quite dusty so after a show, I took a quick nap. Once I stop moving, my body gets tired. When I woke up, I went grocery shopping to make my meals for the week, or at least tomorrow.

For tomorrow’s breakfast, I made Powercakes’ Power Pumpkin Roll. It’s so good that I’m making it my birthday breakfast!

The roll is cooling in the fridge. It looks like a burrito wrapped in foil.

I haven’t added the frosting yet, but it’s simply Greek yogurt, chia seeds, vanilla extract, and sugar.

For dessert tonight, I picked up frozen yogurt from Yogurtland with my cousin and a bar of World Market‘s strawberry & champagne dark chocolate.

    The chocolate is less dark than usual. The dried strawberries are speckled throughout and give a teeny crunch. Not sure if the champagne flavor is quite there.

    Time to catch up on “MasterChef 3” while I do a little baking – I’ll tell you about it later.

    “The only thing that Chinese people don’t eat with legs are chairs.”
    – Felix, “MasterChef 3”

    What outdoor activities have you done so far?
    Have you ever joined a Meetup group or anything similar? I went to an Easter Day hike coordinated by the local yoga community center. It wasn’t as fun as this one though. We did yoga at the top of our hike, but the terrain didn’t allow us to walk side-by-side.

    Not everyday eating

    I could not eat like I did today everyday. Lunch and dinner cost me over $30!

    I had breakfast at home: double fiber English muffin with 2 egg whites & goat cheese on one side and PB & banana on the other.

    Usually I pack my own meals. I packed a lunch of buffalo chicken mac & cheese quinoa and some rotisserie chicken breast for dinner promising to buy something to supplement it.

    Well, the quinoa lacked chicken. I must not have divided the batch right. And the quinoa tasted funky. It had been in the fridge for a few days so I didn’t see a problem.

    Instead, I ate my chicken.

    After work, on the referral of a co-worker, I went to Loving Hut Vegan. I’ve bookmarked it on yelp for a long time and finally went.

    I didn’t want rice. They gave me rice though changed it out for salad. She didn’t close it properly and my sweet and sour divine spilled in the bag and my car.

    Okay, onto the food. For $8, it was terrible. There were maybe 5 or 6 little nuggets of soy protein and not very good at that.

    I ended up eating Chobani peach during my break but was still hungry.

    I stopped by Mother’s even though we got out late and the hot bar was closed. I didn’t like the looks of their pizza however, my mouth was watering big time.

    I grabbed a bag of Love Crunch’s aloha blend granola and took a handful to hold me over. I like this one more than carrot cake and definitely better than red berries and dark chocolate.

    Since I knew we didn’t have food at home, I called Avanti Cafe and ordered a gluten-free pizza with tomato cumin sauce, mozzarella, avocado, and soy nuggets.

    I ended up eating there. Each table had two tea lights so it was impossible to take a picture till I packed it in my to-go box.

    Fortunately, the pizza was much better. The crust was crumbly like gluten-free food sometimes is.

    And my leftovers will be 2 more meals for me!

    They also gave me a free snicker doodle that I’ll eat later. 🙂

    I’m on vegan kick. Just today though. And cookies this whole week! I’m normally a cake girl, but I keep dreaming of cookies.

    Oh and coffee in the morning. I have extra time in the morning when I workout at night, which didn’t happen today – I wasn’t well nourished and we got out late.

    Today I tried Bagelmania‘s Hawaiian hazelnut coffee. So delicious! I wanted one of their huge bagels with Hawaiian cream cheese (must be coconut and pineapple right?) but I restrained myself. I did just have breakfast.

    Check out their cool cup design!

    I’m wiped out so I’m glad it’s the weekend and I only have to work tomorrow morning.
    What’s your back-up lunch? Is there a specific place you go or are you like me with bookmarks on your yelp app? I used to eat Subway and Taco Bell’s fresco menu when I student taught. Everyday. I lost 10 pounds, but I definitely wasn’t healthy. I was just too preoccupied.
    Do you have a limit for the amount you spend on a weekday meal?