Thinking Out Loud Thursday: Yoga in the Club (Flight)

I love tackling new things, especially workouts. I’ve done everything from hot yoga and barre to CrossFit and BodyPump. A few weeks ago, I tried OrangeTheory. I love it all except running for more than 5K and spin – I tried it 2xs/week for a month and still don’t like it but I do like bicycling outside.


This weekend, I drove up to LA on a rainy day and went to a nightclub… at 11 A.M. There was even a DJ and I was there to move my body, but this was for Flight, a fitness event led by Sydney Benner.

I can only describe Flight as “yoga in the club.” It’s a combination of dance, sculpt, and flow.

We brought our yoga mats but wore shoes. There is cardio intervals, sun salutations and finally, abs before savasana. I was definitely sweaty by the end.

At the end, we tried Urban Remedy juices in these teeny plastic martini glasses.

Sydney had fantastic enthusiasm and I cannot wait to go to more events and even try this at home without the loud music.

Thanks Gina the Trainer for informing about the event!

What new workouts are you trying this year?

Treat Yourself Tuesday: Free for All [at TJ Maxx]


The best treat: sleeping in on Sunday. But when that fails…

Juice Crafters, which is ridiculously expensive but so good. This is raw spicy mango smoothie.

All of this from TJ Maxx for my Foodie Pen Pal, my friends, and some for myself. Check out the awesome glasses that double as a bottle opener – I also made it into a keychain.

These snarky cards from Quirk Books will be perfect for Valentine’s Day and every day.

Ticket to Backstage Key‘s Girls Night In

What’s the ultimate treat?

Do you shop at TJ Maxx?

MIMM: Fake It Before You Make It (I’m Not Tired)

The first week back after 2 weeks off was… tiring. It was hard to go on with less sleep (~6-7 hours) and not be able to do anything I wanted. Well, the second part’s a little white lie. I still got to do fun things and therefore, reach some of my goals.

Cook more.

Fit Foodie Finds’ roasted red bell pepper hummus

Made a spread of food for a tea party

Cereal milk ice cream in the works

Spend more time with friends and family.

Wrote out a note to my friend and snapped a picture of it before her dissertation proposal

Women. Wine. Wednesday. I skipped the wine.

Elle gave us these memory jars – I will definitely use it!

Tea party with my ex co-workers

Bought my plane ticket to Austin/San Antonio for spring break to see Liz!

Got a beer and dinner with my friend Allison at Tustin Brew Co.

Celebrated Denton and his twin’s birthday

How are you doing on your goals?