Treat Yourself Tuesday: A Week of Being Sick


Its been a whole week since I last posted. Even before then, I was posting intermittently.

I have this entire week off! Woohoo! I actually took last Friday off because I was am deathly sick.

Well, what does one do I do when they are sick? TREAT YOURSELF!

Sleep at 7 PM, 6 PM, and then 5:30 PM.

Take a day off work.

Eat spicy sushi.

Do yoga but have to stop because downward dog made me congested.

Go to Friendsgiving. I skipped the dessert though.

(Photo from my friend Elle.)

Imbibe in cranberry mimosas. Antioxidants right?

Lay on the couch and watch “Frank the Entertainer Basement Affair.” All of it.

Workout watching said show. That tea towel is for Paige’s #FitandFestive workout and those run capris are from Fabletics!

Craft. I finally found and dyed bottle brush trees.

Have you started decorating for the holidays? I can’t wait to share all of my DIY wreaths!

Treat Yourself Tuesday: Pumpkin Patch, Halloween Nails, & Sushi


Part 2 of my weekend was a pumpkin patch adventure with my cousin Cat.


We headed to our local patch, Tanaka’s Farms.




Complete with a corn maze


…and a scarecrow.


Sheeps in their petting zoo:


They also had other veggies.


Afterwards, we went to get our nails done at my new go-to, Nails by Priscilla.

We spent all night on Pinterest.


I only paid $10 for both of us, plus tips of course.



We didn’t eat all morning and were starving. We walked next door to H2O Sushi & Izakaya.



Treat Yourself Tuesday: FitFluential & Fall Fashion

c3057-treat-yourself-tuesday-badgeFirst, I haven’t mentioned this yet, but see that snazzy new badge on the right? I’m a FitFluential ambassador! Woohoo. I’m so excited to be more of a part of the online community despite my lack of posts lately…

My mom, who is 60, bought this camel shirt. This is just one of many strange but fun shirt she buys in the junior department. I eyed it and thought it was perfect for work.

IMG_4689I also eyed her brown leather crossbody bag… and now it’s mine. Good things about being an only child.

Last time, I was going to return this bra from Fabletics, but let’s be real, I suck at returning things so I just wore it. I like it, but it’s not flattering – it flattens and is too high because I don’t have much going on. Oh well…

IMG_4735…and the biggest treat of all: mid-week dinners with friends at their houses. Monday night was Italian themed – we had salad (sans dressing) and a slice of flatbread with wine and cheese. Tonight is Asian-themed… and I have no idea what to bring.

How do you split up your week as to enjoy every moment?