Thinking Out Loud Thursday: Fit Friends [Blend Retreat]


You know I love Neghar Fonooni. Check out her facebook too. I subscribe to her newsletter and Friday’s e-mail was titled “You Gotta Have (Fitness) Friends.” How appropriate for the Blend Retreat!

The Blend Retreat is a place where I can feel “normal.” My other friends aren’t into fitness or eating like I do. Blend is instantly comfortable. In my everyday life, I’m shy-ish except for my outrageous personality in the classroom.

I got into conversations with Hungry Mother Runner about GPP Fitness and when I saw Alex for the first time in a year, we talked CrossFit and did a traveling WOD together. 20 minutes would have felt like death alone! …and I felt so cool because everyone else was taking Instagram pictures of partner workouts!

(photo from Alex Tries it Out)

During the workout, I said random things like, “Your arms look awesome!” and when we did our 25-lb single arm push presses (3 rounds of 10 each arm), we got through it together.

Here are some choice tidbits from the newsletter:

“The road to your fittest self is a fabulous adventure. It’s a journey with many twists and turns, and one that never truly ends, rather it just keeps getting deeper and more layered. But, in order to experience the adventure to it’s fullest, you need a companion. You gotta have fitness-minded, supportive friends.

You can’t do this alone.

And I’m not saying you’re not capable or strong or focused or dedicated. I’m not saying you don’t have what it takes, or that you’re not packing your travel sack with all of the necessary tools and sundries.

I’m saying that in order to fully see the horizon, you need someone there to remind you of it’s beauty. To get back up when you stumble, you need someone to grab you by the hand. To blissfully bask in the light, you need someone to share it with.”

I’m a loner when it comes to working out. Sure, I’ve gone to many group fitness classes, but I was still an individual. I hardly talked to anyone unless they approached me. I could do it alone – I did have a ton of success working out (and losing weight) because I’ve read enough blogs and watched enough fitness videos to learn the names of moves and do them.

“That’s the thing about fitness friends–we bond over mutual intentions, desires, victories, and struggles. We bond over iron and sweat and the quest to become our fittest selves. It’s a bond that enriches the journey for all parties involved, and one that allows us to be more successful than had we gone it alone.”

Then, I remember the first time I had to carry the 60-lb sandbag in CrossFit 400 m. Somehow I got it on my back immediately, but I dropped it halfway and could not get it back on. I was the very last one until Kyle came outside, helped me get the sandbag on, and walked with me to the finish.

…and we play beer pong together!

At Blend, I was going back and forth on running the Oiselle Fun Run later that day. Even though it’s a fun run, I was nervous

IMG_1169(photo from Kiss My Broccoli)

(photo from Treats with A Twist)

(photo from Hungry Runner Girl)

I ran halfway before the elevation and altitude got the best of me and I walked and talked to some other girls.

The next morning (Saturday), at the Onnit boot camp, I worked out next to my soulmates and cheered on Meighan who held a 6:30 minute plank!


In the afternoon, we went on a hike sponsored by Organic Valley and led by Joel Harper. While I love hiking uphill, I am horrible downhill. Two more avid hikers, Vanessa and Patricia, took me by the hand literally. Vanessa talked to me about “asking for help,” which goes along with this topic. I normally deny the extended hand when hiking in fear that I’ll take the person down with me.



On Sunday, we did a team boot camp with GPP Fitness. I would never have run without my team (go #4) or kept going with the burpees, push-ups, squats, tricep dips, and sit-ups.


…and it’s not just the people who formally work out with me, it’s the people who take leisurely walks downtown on a Sunday when everything is closed.


“If you’ve got someone like that in your life, then you know exactly what I’m talking about. Do me a favor and tell them today how much they mean to you. Give them a shout just to say “hey, thanks for traveling with me.” It’s important to tell people that we appreciate their presence on the journey. Maybe they already know, but even so, it’s never a bad idea to remind people of how much they’ve enriched your life.”

Thank you Kyle for being my partner-in-crime once upon a time when we did CrossFit.

Thank you Alex, Meighan, Vanessa, Amanda, Julie and all my Blends for the motivation and bond this past weekend!

Do you workout with someone? Who do you need to thank?

Thank You Body for a Big Year!

Holidays are magical – spending time with family, eating out, and ditching the gym for workouts at home.

Same thing year after year, and my body loves it.

I lost some weight this summer partying and drinking.

Then I gained it back since October. Who knows why?

I’m on my way back down though. No big deal.

Today is “Thank Your Body Thursday.”

Not the best picture of me – darn those stripes, but these pants from a year ago still fit.


I’m not 100% sure what my body looked like last year, but I love it more this year. Here’s a better angle.


This was a BIG year. This is early, but it’s happening…

  • I stayed in touch with my forever roommate Yancey.
  • I visited San Francisco and D. Flo. Hm, those turquoise pants seem to look better now.
  • I went back to school. I’m still in school.
  • I tried CrossFit for 4 months. I even won our gym’s partner paleo challenge!
  • I went to my first blogger retreat, Blend, in Park City, Utah. Met and kept in touch with some wonderful ladies.

  • I switched positions at work for awhile.
  • I got 2 interviews for jobs I’m not entirely qualified for. I was even one of two finalists.
  • I made friends, partied, and in general, had fun.
  • I said goodbye to my first car and inherited my mom’s Honda Element.
  • I met a guy. He was a little lot insecure and crazy. It went on for 2 months. He broke it off then wanted it on, and I said no.
  • I got over it and met another guy. He took me out on dates, but he was a little lot needy. I broke it off after 2 weeks.
  • Probably because I thought I was in love with a friend of 6 years this one weekend. I’ve had a crush on him before. FYI: unlikely we’ll get together.
  • I went on lots of hikes and day trips.

  • Of course, mistakes were made. I try to forget them, but it’s okay.

Best selfies of the year: Damn, my [summer] body is rocking.

And next year promises to be even better. How do I know? Because I suppose you can say, it’s part of my ongoing recovery (from ED and exercise bulimia not drugs and alcohol).

How was your year? Wins/losses?

MIMM: 4th of July weekend

4th of July was busy and fun.

I got ready for my workout in festive colors.

I started with a workout with me and 50 strong and sexy people.

The ladies got brand new shirts.

Strong > skinny

We warmed up with bear crawls, which were also part of the WOD in addition to partner run, overhead plate lunges, and burpees.

I left and met up with Peter for a party in the Huntington Harbor. We were treated to hydro bikes, paddle boards, a Duffy boat, and a giant hamster ball.

Plus beers and antics with these people.

Whoa, too close up there.

I headed to another party with my vodka-soaked gummy bears, wine, and pinata.

Of course, I played a few games of beer pong. I played against this lovely couple.

On Friday night, we did it again for Ryan’s birthday.

Me & Jessica

Me & John

Julie and I with new friend Bryant

I recuperated on Sunday with an easy hike in Whiting Ranch with Peter, Lawrence, and Bryant.

Peter and I got post-hike acai bowl from Acai Republic, and funny thing – Lawrence & Bryant ended up there too!

For dinner, my cousin Chris treated me out to happy hour dinner at George’s Greek Cafe. I had some lamb chops, shared some appetizers, and had a $2 Hillas beer.

We had some grandeur plans for my birthday tonight but decided against them so instead, I’m at home watching “The Call.” It’s pretty darn scary too!

Suggestions for my birthday?