It’s Ok Thursday: Bites

Its Ok Thursdays
It’s Thursday and I’m still relaxing. It’s okay, but I’m ready to get back to a day or two at my night job.

Or at least do some more studying. That’s NOT okay. I’ve been talking about this exam for a year. I’ve been gazing at a study guide one of the teachers I work with gave me though.

However, it is okay…

My little cousin is on the school’s pep squad and her birthday is next month.

She’ll love this:
For one of the teacher’s next month:

Obviously, he teaches science.
Have you ever made cake pops? Last time I tried, I’m pretty sure I failed.

    It’s Ok Thursday: My version of wake & bake

    Its Ok Thursdays
    I’m glad it’s Thursday! Monday-Wednesday seemed so long this week and I’ve had a few It’s Ok moments today.

    It’s Ok…

    • to drink half a bottle of Shock Top pumpkin wheat beer before bed on a Wednesday night.

    • to attempt another wall sit, and do worse. My inner thighs were killing me!

    *As for my 1 minute of burpees for the day. I did 20 of them after my workout. #liveleaneatgreen

    • that my “morning ritual” is breakfast, a cup of tea, and listening to the top new stories on BBC.

    I made Kiss My Broccoli’s tiramisu protein pancakes. *I didn’t need as much topping/filling as I made.

    • that immediately after my “morning ritual,” I looked up recipes.
    • to wake and bake. I made peanut butter & fleur de sel brownies before work and took them to school. They were devoured, and I only had a crumb to test it.

    • to workout after work. When I workout at after work, I usually go at 6 or 7, but I wanted to avoid the afternoon slump. I rode my bike to the gym at 3:15 and finished a quickie in less than an hour.
    • to rock the kettlebell circuit part of my workout then fail the “upper body supersets.” I could barely do a 45 pound chest press or 10 pound lateral raises! 😦

    I found the Myomy Monkey Workout, which includes some rad moves with kettlebells. I used dumbbells for the snatch lunge.

    Snatch lunge: Start in a kettlebell swing position. Swing kettlebell up with one arm. At the same time, thrust same side leg out into a lunge. When the kettlebell comes down, simultaneously bring leg back to starting position.

    Or just watch the video.

    • to study while watching TV shows. I’m actually not doing that right now. My workout gave me some energy. I’m down for a bike ride to the bank since I forgot to go earlier.
    • to eat “dinner” at 4:30. I’ll definitely eat again later.

    Update on my grocery budget/survive on $35 $40: I’m already out of food. I used $1.08 of my overall budget to day to buy 2 disposable cake pans for the brownies. On the other hand, $40 in gas has been/will be okay.

    What’s the last thing you baked? I haven’t baked it a long time.
    When do you get the baking itch? Mine comes early in the morning or late at night.