MIMM: Finding Fall in Orange County

Some weekends, my little cousin Catherine comes to stay and comes along with me on my adventures.

We headed to downtown Fullerton. I’ve only been there for its college night scene, but this weekend, I enjoyed the tree-lined streets with cute shops.


Our first stop was for some coffees at the Night Owl, a local shop frequented by some older men who brought their own cups.


Tranquil Tea Lounge‘s white chocolate lavender scone to hold us over.


She accompanied me to my favorite farmer’s market: Old Towne Orange Farmer’s Market.


We also walked around the Anaheim Fall Festival. This is the only snapshot I got, but there were crafts and food vendors and a costume contest with some rad outfits.


Trip to get some colored pencils and snacks, and Julie-brand feminine pads?


Despite getting an iPad, I still like the feel of a real book. I read Guns, Germs, & Steel by the same author in college. It’s text-heavy, but I’m excited to read it and one day finish it.


Cat requested pancakes for dinner. This is my concoction made with Kodiak Cakes, Applegate Farms‘ pepperoni, provolone, and avocado.



What does your community do to celebrate fall?

Spill It Sundays: Book & Body

I’m really excited about some posts I’m writing this week. First though, I want to link up with Arman from the Big Man’s World for Spill It, Sunday… because it’s about books this week!

Spill-it-Sunday-option-2-11. Favourite novel of all time?

Oh tough question. I’m always in love with the last book I read, which was Blackberry Winter.

Eat Pray Love was amazing, and I hurried to the theater to watch the movie. By myself. But it sucked. 😦

2. Favourite genre?

Autobiographies: Waiting for Snow in Havana

Fiction: Sarah Jio

Wicked… this isn’t indicative of the books I typically enjoy.

John Steinbeck – I consider Steinbeck historical fiction. I love how he takes readers back in time and places us in the Depression Era in central California. Steinbeck was the only author I enjoyed in high school for his vivid details and honestly, he was just easier to understand than any other author we were forced to read.

3. Favourite childhood novel/teen novel?

The Babysitters’ Club, which also has this amazing movie. I think my favorite books are those with fantastic movies too.

The Ear, The Eye, & the Arm, which I actually read in college for a middle school ‘geography’ teaching class. I’ve read the book twice!

Nicholas Sparks, especially A Walk to Remember, which I read in 6 hours. His other books blend together, but I spent a lot of high school reading his books. Also, my favorite movie rendition.

4. Favourite series?

Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants and it was cast so perfectly.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

5. Which book would you hope future generations will continue to consider a classic?

I agree with Arman on Harry Potter. I stopped reading about book 5, but these are the best books. Yes, there have been other series. However, this changed the world. I don’t believe another book series will get people to read, stand outside movie theaters, dress up, and develop a theme park to the extent that this series did. And it all happened in my childhood. 🙂

6. Worst novel to be written?

Arman picked my childhood favorite. I haven’t read Twilight, but I have no interest in reading them.

The selfie: No boobs and a lot of thigh. This body kills it in hiking, lifting, yoga, and running if I wanted to but I don’t.

I took this to reassure myself I’m not a cow. I saw a picture of myself and ugh, I looked fat!

I work out, eat ‘right’ although that’s up in the air according to this post, and am recovered/recovering from some major ED.


Stayed tuned for the story of this and a few other pictures this week!

Five Favorite Things Friday: Slow down


Happy Friday! This was an exciting week and I felt accomplished though I hoped to get a little more done. January has started off pretty busy, especially returning from the holidays, so I’m taking this 3-day weekend to slow down again.

Five reasons this week was exciting

I worked everyday this week, and it was a glorious, fun week. Next week though, the students have finals so teachers may not need a sub.

I also got to see some of my favorites. I want to have kids only so I can name them after my students: Max, Ruben, Shawn, and Aron… though I’m not fans of Ruben or Aron and am not sure how “Ruben” would work unless I adopted.

We bought a house. I haven’t seen it in person. It’s a 2-bedroom, 1-bath townhome.

We’re getting our house inspected. I’ll take pictures and share when I finally get to see it tomorrow!

I have no plans this weekend. I turned down hanging out this weekend. I want some alone time to relax. Friends are sometimes stressful – planning, agreeing, getting dressed up – though they shouldn’t be huh? I may hang out with Peter (friend of 20 years) but that’s always easy.

Five foods I want to make and eat

I thought I was over pumpkin anything till this…

Recipes from my new book, Primal Cravings. Yeah, I bought it.

My amazing friend made a ton of their recipes too:

Butternut squash lasagna

Strawberry shortcake waffle

Devil’s food snack cake

Cuban burger

…and The Globe will be in my new hometown abet a little far, but I want to try it! Not only do they focus on one country for their prix fixe menu per month, they also have lots of beer. Heck yeah.

Five to-dos over the long weekend

Homework. 😦 I finished reading for next week so I can complete the threaded discussion and get along with the other assignments. This professor is not quite involved and gave me 100% on an assignment I turned in 2 hours later. I’m not complaining or anything – I’m acknowledging that I don’t need to work as hard.

Eat Urban Pie pizza. Finally. They are a mobile, brick-oven pizza vendor that serves up fun combinations made with fresh ingredients.

Then head to Ikea to scope out some accessories and this cart for the kitchen. I’m 1000% sure I’ve posted this before…

Go to TJ Maxx to scope out dinnerware and flatware, etcetera.

Finally go hiking at Mecca Hills/Painted Canyons, even if it’s by myself but hopefully not.

Five Six great, informative articles

20 reasons to move to Spain right now

Why we crave peanut butter, as I sit here eating apple and PB. 🙂

What city should you actually live in? I got Portland, even after changing around my iffy answers. My friend, the international traveler, got Cape Town, and my literature friend should live in London. This is pretty accurate.

What is starvation mode?

Symptoms of metabolic damage

Does anyone else have a 3-day weekend?

Any good links to share this week?