MIMM: The Great Move 2014 Day 1 (Saturday)

Hey Julie, where have you been? Between MARVELOUS student teaching on weekdays and moving in this weekend, I’ve gone MIA. You may have seen a few pictures on Instagram, but I neglected my phone all day yesterday!

So far…

  • 2 trips fully loaded in my car
  • Garage cleaned and organized
  • Kitchen cleaned, lined, washed (dishes/pots & pans/utensils/everything), organized
  • Master bedroom carpet ripped out, painted
  • No big pieces (furniture & appliances) until we paint the living/kitchen areas
  • Attempt to but fail at spray painting then paint thinning my ugly old Ikea Tromso bed frame – welp, that just means I get to buy a MARVELOUS new one in time.

I loaded up my car (with toilet paper it seems) on Saturday to for “The Great Move 2014.”

Our tenants were slow to move so all I could do was sweep the garage and clean ALL the cabinets. Dusty…


I unloaded everything from the car and stuck it in the cabinets temporarily.


Some sneak peeks of the MARVELOUS (town)house:

Living room from the kitchen – nothing has been done here. We’ll just paint and move in!


The master bedroom – carpet is coming out, walls painted.


My mom helped me out by cleaning the drawers and counters in the kitchen though our tenants did do some cleaning and I cleaned up the stove (yuck!). I also set out a few basic things. 🙂


After a hard day’s work, we had a MARVELOUS DIY pizza from The Pizza Press. So good, and leftovers in the morning.


Stay tuned tomorrow for progress pictures.

What is the most daunting room to clean? Garage and kitchen, both of which I did this weekend so it’s all easy sailing from here right?

MIMM: My house, not my house, and pizza

Friday after work was my home inspection and I got to take pictures of my MARVELOUS townhouse.

My mom came along, and we were starving so we had a mother-daughter date at MARVELOUS The Pizza Press near my new home.


We headed to Ikea for some ideas.

Living room: gray rug (from Ikea), gray sofa, and yellow accents.


Kitchen: pistachio green (like my KitchenAid mixer), light blue, and burnt orange.


We stopped by 3 TJ Maxx/HomeGoods stores too.

Bathroom: beige.



Saturday, we picked up a MARVELOUS dresser and nighstand that I saw off craigslist.


I woke up at 5:30 on Sunday to head up to L.A. to meet up my friend Andrew and go to the Hearst Castle.

3.5 hours of MARVELOUS scenery later…




MARVELOUS Hearst Castle


Lunch was a bag of fancy MARVELOUS beef jerky.


We stopped by MARVELOUS North Carolina-based The Fresh Market on the way home. They’re opening up one nearby!

Sunset on the way home


Finally, we got back to Culver City and ate a late dinner at MARVELOUS wildcraft sourdough pizza. Yes, more pizza.


It was a full day with lots of driving on little sleep, but it didn’t feel that long and was MARVELOUS.

Have you visited the Hearst Castle?

What’s the last road trip you’ve taken?

Wouldn’t mind a nice place to live

My current living situation isn’t ideal, but I realized I don’t mind. I pretty much live in my car and am at work, my second job, or working out mostly anyways.

Still, I love browsing. Who doesn’t?

Dream house. Perfect size too.

Exposed brick.

One of my favorite pictures ever. Minus the cat. I don’t like cats.


A bathroom DIY.

What is your interior design style like? Which of the above photos do you like most?