Thinking Out Loud Thursday: Serious work talk & cinnamon rolls


Confession #1: I’ve worked primarily at 2 schools in the district thus far… and dare I say, I like another school better than my “home” school, the one where I worked for 2+ years? Yeah, I said it. The students, teachers, and staff are so nice, respectful, and have such fun personalities. Something about it just fits me.

Okay, onto the serious business:

I went from a part-time job that I went to everyday to a pretty much full-time position everyday.

Then I became a regular day-to-day sub…

Well now I stare at this screen and press refresh every 5 or less minutes.

Screen Shot 2014-01-08 at 10.19.11 PM

And I admit to buying and eating lots of dark chocolate covered raisins today. Stress eating…


I’ve been a day-to-day sub before and made good money doing this. I worked at least 4-5 days per week and didn’t have to stalk the online sub finding system.

Last month, work was good. I worked everyday except one.

This month? Not so much. It’s a bummer to have to wake up every morning not knowing if I will work.

I’m getting fingerprinted this afternoon for the county so they will finally have it on record and will be able to apply to all the districts in the area.

In March, I will have to student teach again and won’t be able to work so anything now is vital.

I’m also looking for weekend work, which would be perfect when I’m student teaching as well. Ideas?

All of this is disheartening. I have way too much experience, education, and love of this field to be where I am.

Picking high school social studies? Maybe not the best idea – it’s such a competitive area.

I will have more success with the special ed credential under my belt. I hope.

What are some jobs you’ve held while you were waiting for the right one?

I have other interests, mostly health & fitness related. What kind of jobs are out there that don’t require I spend more money on certifications?

Confession #2: I watched “Toned Up” and then Joy the Baker’s Bonkers Awesome. I find this counter-intuitive, but I like them both!

I started my morning with a “BootyCall!”

Joy went to my favorite cupcake bakery and I tried her favorite chocolate chip cookie! She then paired up with The Pioneer Woman to make mac & cheese and cinnamon rolls.

Confession #3: Speaking of cinnamon rolls, I used to eat a cinnamon roll every Saturday. I would peruse nearby bakeries and farmers markets. My goal was to find the best cinnamon roll ever.

Favorite place to buy a cinnamon roll: Flat Rock Village Bakery is nestled in a cute town outside of Asheville, N.C.

I want to try the new Dough in Asheville when I visit (look at their sign!) and locally, I still have to try Cinnamon Productions.

Favorite cinnamon roll recipe: inappropriately named vegan “Orgasmic Cinnamon Roll.”

If this microwave cinnamon roll turns out, I will be in heaven.

What’s your favorite cinnamon roll recipe?

Where is the best cinnamon roll?

It’s Ok Thursday & Asheville Part 3: Recap

Its Ok Thursdays
This is the final recap of my vacation in Asheville last week. I wrote a little more below, but here’s what I learned:

It’s okay…

  • To ditch the alarm and sleep in.
  • To workout less. I still rocked the workouts I did and my body felt great.
  • To trust myself with eating. I ate good food, moderate amounts of it, and only when I was hungry.
  • To drink and get tipsy drunk… as long as there’s lots of water too.
  • To share your feelings.
  • To go back to a place.
  • To love. That sounds crazy, but I dislike hurt. Who doesn’t?

Thanks to lots of water the night before, I felt great on Sunday. Sure, we slept in till 1 P.M. but had a nice, leisurely rainy day. I had Tupelo Honey for lunch and visited our friends and their 1-year-old son.

Chicken Havarti sandwich with sweet potato fries and a biscuit*
*I ate the sandwich with 1/4 of the bread and 1/2 biscuit because biscuits are glorious.

Monday was another rest day. I wrote out sweet and cheesy Christmas cards, left them on the tree, and we headed to Early Girl Eatery once again. Early Girl is my favorite and I got the same meal.

We enjoyed downtown and ended my trip with a trip to Dobra Tea, one of my favorite places ever. For a Monday, there were tons of people so we had to sit on the floor with our teas and biscuits. 🙂

A few of the souvenirs I brought home… except the Lusty Monk mustard because it was too big for the carry-on.

I had an awesome trip. I worked out the first 3 days but didn’t sweat not working out on the other days. We ate when we were hungry or not at all. For the most part, I wasn’t hungry much which was good since our meals were all consumed out. I didn’t even calorie counting. Since I’ve been home, I haven’t calorie-counted or planned out much food, and it’s okay.

I missed Asheville more than I know. I missed the food but surprisingly, I missed the people. Everyone welcomed me back with open arms.

In my roommate’s card, I wrote a sappy little note. Yancey has been the most impactful and important person I’ve encountered, and it likely won’t ever change. Even if I get married but not if I have kids.

I also thought about whether or not I’ve ever been in love. Not with Yancey. The answer is, maybe. I have the greatest fondness is more of what I would call it. Though he is a great person overall, there are quite a few negatives that prevent me from dating him or well, any of my guy friends.

If it wasn’t for my job and my mom, mostly my mom, I would move back. It’s not so much about the place but the people and because of that, I’m going to find a job, get a house, and make them all live with me!

Weirdest picture ever. Creepers… even after you get to know them!

Roomies for life.
Gonzo, happy birthday!
We’ve never hugged this much. I think before this trip, we hugged twice.
This is real and they have local products. 
P.S. One of the best things about Asheville is their choices of sugars and milks. There’s always soy and almond milk and stevia. 

How do you show others you love them? I’m not good at showing love. I would even go as far as to say I’ll buy your love if I could. Okay, that’s not entirely true, I totally go out of my way for the people I love.

WIAW & Asheville Part 2: Birthdays & Graduations

This is part 2 of my 5-6 day vacation to Asheville, North Carolina where I lived for 6 years prior to living in SoCal for the last year and a half.
Without much water, I had a massive hangover till 1 P.M. I learned though and after feeling better and some laughs from “Ted,” I went to TurboKick, drank lots of water, and ate lunch at Early Girl Eatery.

Local sausage and sweet potato scramble is my favorite thing ever!

Best facility ever!

Real and local kombucha from Buchi!

We celebrated Gonzo’s 25th birthday dinner at El Que Pasa. I chose a warm fajita salad and was super full afterwards.

Honest to goodness, these are my favorite people ever! He wanted to get me too but they didn’t get the message!

While the guys went home to clean up and drop off cars, I went downtown to meet up with one of my history buddies, Conor and his roommate Asian Josh. We met up at Green Man, a small brewery with the best beer/drink I’ve had all weekend, and then headed to the downtown location of Asheville Brewing to meet up with a friend of ours, Bron, who also came into town from Florida.

Bron, Conor, Asian Josh, and I

On my way to meet up with the birthday crew, I stopped by the LAB to celebrate a friend’s graduation from nursing school. Congrats Anna!

I met up with the birthday crew afterwards though most of them were done for. A few of us ditched the big group and went back to the LAB where we got a flight of their beers to try. Not a fan, especially since I ended up getting an IPA.

Saturday was an early day for us. We were late but headed out to Johnson City, Tennessee for Kyle’s graduation.

We met his family and had lunch at a Thai restaurant. I just got the chicken satay skewers. Then they asked Yancey if we were married… that’s a big jump. No.

We thought about a nap when we got home but instead, went shopping for some graduation gifts for Weston. We were unable to make it to his graduation so we surprised him with a sign, balloons, cupcakes from Short Street Cakes, and champagne.

Lots of criminal justice degrees…

Since none of our friends make it, we all secretly agreed to buy him gifts and took him out for dinner.

We went to TGI Friday‘s for the guys to eat and then downtown. Since it was the first night I’ve seen Kris, we went drink-for-drink before a round of tequila and car bombs at Scully’s. Thanks Yancey for making me popcorn at 4 A.M.

Kris, who I’ve known for 7 years!


Jordan is no longer a beardy weirdy

We ended our night at 4 A.M. after heading to some random party. I talked a lot, forgot what I said, and played beer pong poorly.

What’s your favorite breakfast? Apparently I love eggs scrambled with sausage and sweet potatoes and herbs. I’ll have to give it a shot at home.