WIAW: Healthier apple chimi cheesecake & epic wall sit

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I’m on my $35 food budget starting this week. A big buy was this protein powder. It was on super sale and I couldn’t pass it up!

That puts a hamper on the faux apple chimi cheesecake I wanted to re-make today. I’ll give you the recipe anyways.

Healthier apple chimi cheesecake


  • 1/2-2/3 apple 
  • Cinnamon
  • 1/3 c. Greek yogurt
  • Sugar-free cheesecake pudding mix
  • Small tortilla (I used a Sonoma low carb tortilla)
  • 1/2 scoop protein powder
  • Water


  1. Chop apple to bite-sized pieces. Place in bowl and sprinkle with cinnamon. Microwave for 2 minutes.

  2. While waiting, mix Greek yogurt and pudding mix.

  3. Place apple and Greek yogurt mix into tortilla. Fold in thirds (see above).

  4. Spray a pan with non-stick spray. Wait for it to sizzle then place the tortilla with filling onto the pan. Then flip. 

Because of my late night at work yesterday, I couldn’t wind down and sleep till late. I got 5 1/2 hours of sleep but was determined to go to “athletic training” class.

I got nice and sweaty.

Lots of cardio moves. Wish we incorporated more weights.

Then watched “Bones” at work. *I never/rarely wear makeup. Sorry if that’s spooky.

After work tonight, I saw posts about wall sits. Lindsay is hosting a great photo a day challenge.

I’m terrible at photo a day challenges, but I love this one because it has me doing things. Like wall sits. Lindsay did a bit of 3 minutes with a 20 lb weight in her lap.

I went with my two 8 lb weights. Total: 16 pounds.

And ta-da! Not a bad time. My legs even look muscular instead of flabby. Though, truth be told, they are jello on the inside.

Tomorrow we’re leaving Operation Beautiful notes.

Win of the week [so far]: yesterday, I said no to pizza and ate an less appetizing garbanzo bean salad, which I had again today.

The pizza, while good, makes me feel crappy. I feel lethargic. I’m not gluten-intolerant, but I am sensitive to foods that are hard to digest.

Try a wall sit. How long can you do yours? I think I can best this time!
Have you had Applebee’s apple chimi cheesecake? In the past, I have. They are delicious, but I can remake them on my own without all the sugar and fat.

    A Photo An Hour Challenge, almost

    I was inspired by Meg to document my day off. Wait, it wasn’t my day off though. I just didn’t know it.
    9 A.M.
    Power yoga at the gym. *I’m trying out my new app, Picfx, recommended by Joy the Baker.

    10 A.M.
    Trip to Whole Foods where I bought kind bars.


    11 A.M.
    I also stopped by World Market for kicks.

    12 P.M.
    Hunger striked. I made a chicken salad with pre-made but very salty chicken and Alexia spicy sweet potato fries.

    1 P.M.

    Watching “American Reunion.”

    2 P.M.

    I got a text at 1:30. Apparently, I worked at 1 today. I packed myself a Chobani Champions and went on my way. Welp, no more #photoaday pictures I guess.

    Work work work… and no photos.

    5 P.M.

    Dinner at Bristol Farms was simple: a little ceviche and Guava Goddess kombucha with the yogurt I brought.

    8 P.M.

    Off work and grabbed some Only 8 frozen yogurt from CdM Yogurt.

    9 P.M.

    Realized I’ve been an idiot for almost a year. I can get my preliminary credential without the freaking CTEL exam. I have some copies to send in but that’s it.

    Unfortunately, the job I want still requires the CTEL exam. It’s THE JOB in my district and in my subject area too. I’m going to apply anyways.

    10 P.M.

    Working on my resume… it needed a facelift. Anyone want to share theirs with me? Especially if you’re a teacher?

    11 A.M.

    Still working on the resume.

    12 A.M.

    I’m sleepy. I applied for a random job that pays a lot. It’s not my dream job, but hey, it sounds cool.

    Would you take a job if you had to leave another job that would eventually get you your dream job? Or something like that…
    Or, how did you find your passion and find a job in the field?

    A healthy diva eats chocolate

    I’m giving this photo a day a try. I never remember so wish me luck!

    #healthydivas Day 1: Pink was reminiscent of Healthy Diva Eats’ day 1. I found a pink straw at home for my breakfast smoothie.

    Lunch after the gym: baked sweet potato fries and 1 egg + 1 egg white in a brown rice tortilla.

    I added avocado – yum!

    After listening to Jillian Michaels’ podcast, I was craving some Green & Black’s white chocolate. Okay, white chocolate isn’t the best for you, but this is absolutely delicious. It’s sweet, but has much more cocoa content (30%) and has specks of vanilla. Vanilla is for losers, vanilla bean is where it’s at.

    I was all smiles for Day 2: Smiles #healthydivas. Had to catch up.

    I stopped by The Cheese Shop at the OC Mart Mix to get a bar of Mast Brothers Chocolate. I chose the vanilla & smoke over sea salt, coffee flavors, and hazelnut. Sea salt is so common and I don’t like coffee much. The bar is basic: cacao, cane sugar, and vanilla bean.

    The smoky flavor wasn’t too pungent and only present in the aftertaste. The cacao content is 71% so it’s dark but still tasty.

    Look what else I found on my phone. I was being serious too. Don’t judge me.

    Long day at work. We actually had to work until 9:40 and had to take a “break.” I brought a half salad with 3 shrimp and avocado so I supplemented it with seafood salad at Bristol Farms. They have an amazing selection of white fish ceviche, mussels, mango shrimp, salmon and tuna poke. I got a teeny bit of each and mostly ceviche. My favorite was tuna poke, mussels with sun-dried tomatoes, and the ceviche was quite good.

    Gah, I got some school loan bills. Must save more (to pay them) and eat out less. Unfortunately, all my food is holed up at my mom’s and I’m at home. I’ll have to swing on by in the morning.