MIMM & Motivation Monday: Favorite Fitness YouTube Channels

Last July, I let my gym membership expire. That doesn’t mean I stopped working out though – I just started to workout at home.

For Marvleous in My Monday & Motivation Monday, I thought I’d share some of my favorite YouTube channels:

Fitness Blender The couple is awesome and they update often. They combine quick interval training, strength, and stretch. There are even kettlebell workouts.

POPSUGAR Fitness I’m actually surprised by their workouts. They have many more medium-level cardio or lighter weight workouts.

Yoga with Adriene She updates continuously and she’s hilarious. Right now, she’s holding 30 Day of Yoga with practices leading from 15-30 minutes. I love these to give me a boost when I have little time or energy. I just found out that she teaches in Austin – I’ll be going!

BeFit These are a hit or miss. Scott Herman’s workouts are usually a hit. I learned about Flight from them.

SweatyBetty They’re a clothing brand, but their channel works with trainers from studios like Barry’s Bootcamp.

Ones you are probably more familiar with:

Tone It Up These girls have good workouts and loveable personalities.

blogilates I have to be honest, I find her annoying.

Some days, I find some local fitness events.

This weekend, I went to a Yelp fitness event at Precision Fitness. We were paired up and stationed to do 1 minute intervals, alternating with our partner. It was a lot of fun since everyone was there to test out the workout and I chatted with my new workout buddies. Oh yeah, my abs hurt everytime I laugh, cough or sneeze.

Here’s me hating/failing at Bosu ball mountain climbers (and my partner on the battle ropes).

Today, I’m heading to Santa Monica to practice yoga with Dice Iida-Klein, an instructor I admire from his YogaGlo videos.

What are your favorite at-home resources?


6 thoughts on “MIMM & Motivation Monday: Favorite Fitness YouTube Channels

  1. are these ones where they do the whole workout with you?
    i love me some workout vids, but i can never motivate myself to do it if they only show one rep and i have to do two more reps by myself

  2. I also quit my gym membership last year and I’ve been hiking, running and playing basketball. I miss doing yoga though, so I’m happy you posted about the “Yoga with Adriene” channel, I think I’m going to start using those videos!



  3. Hey I did a fitness blender a few saturdays ago it was a blast, and lasted for about an hour the moves were pretty basic too the only thing I didn’t like was how slow it was at first! So of course I amped up the exercises!

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