MIMM: Fake It Before You Make It (I’m Not Tired)

The first week back after 2 weeks off was… tiring. It was hard to go on with less sleep (~6-7 hours) and not be able to do anything I wanted. Well, the second part’s a little white lie. I still got to do fun things and therefore, reach some of my goals.

Cook more.

Fit Foodie Finds’ roasted red bell pepper hummus

Made a spread of food for a tea party

Cereal milk ice cream in the works

Spend more time with friends and family.

Wrote out a note to my friend and snapped a picture of it before her dissertation proposal

Women. Wine. Wednesday. I skipped the wine.

Elle gave us these memory jars – I will definitely use it!

Tea party with my ex co-workers

Bought my plane ticket to Austin/San Antonio for spring break to see Liz!

Got a beer and dinner with my friend Allison at Tustin Brew Co.

Celebrated Denton and his twin’s birthday

How are you doing on your goals?


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