MIMM & Motivation Monday: Favorite Fitness YouTube Channels

Last July, I let my gym membership expire. That doesn’t mean I stopped working out though – I just started to workout at home.

For Marvleous in My Monday & Motivation Monday, I thought I’d share some of my favorite YouTube channels:

Fitness Blender The couple is awesome and they update often. They combine quick interval training, strength, and stretch. There are even kettlebell workouts.

POPSUGAR Fitness I’m actually surprised by their workouts. They have many more medium-level cardio or lighter weight workouts.

Yoga with Adriene She updates continuously and she’s hilarious. Right now, she’s holding 30 Day of Yoga with practices leading from 15-30 minutes. I love these to give me a boost when I have little time or energy. I just found out that she teaches in Austin – I’ll be going!

BeFit These are a hit or miss. Scott Herman’s workouts are usually a hit. I learned about Flight from them.

SweatyBetty They’re a clothing brand, but their channel works with trainers from studios like Barry’s Bootcamp.

Ones you are probably more familiar with:

Tone It Up These girls have good workouts and loveable personalities.

blogilates I have to be honest, I find her annoying.

Some days, I find some local fitness events.

This weekend, I went to a Yelp fitness event at Precision Fitness. We were paired up and stationed to do 1 minute intervals, alternating with our partner. It was a lot of fun since everyone was there to test out the workout and I chatted with my new workout buddies. Oh yeah, my abs hurt everytime I laugh, cough or sneeze.

Here’s me hating/failing at Bosu ball mountain climbers (and my partner on the battle ropes).

Today, I’m heading to Santa Monica to practice yoga with Dice Iida-Klein, an instructor I admire from his YogaGlo videos.

What are your favorite at-home resources?

Thinking Out Loud Thursday: Yoga in the Club (Flight)

I love tackling new things, especially workouts. I’ve done everything from hot yoga and barre to CrossFit and BodyPump. A few weeks ago, I tried OrangeTheory. I love it all except running for more than 5K and spin – I tried it 2xs/week for a month and still don’t like it but I do like bicycling outside.


This weekend, I drove up to LA on a rainy day and went to a nightclub… at 11 A.M. There was even a DJ and I was there to move my body, but this was for Flight, a fitness event led by Sydney Benner.

I can only describe Flight as “yoga in the club.” It’s a combination of dance, sculpt, and flow.

We brought our yoga mats but wore shoes. There is cardio intervals, sun salutations and finally, abs before savasana. I was definitely sweaty by the end.

At the end, we tried Urban Remedy juices in these teeny plastic martini glasses.

Sydney had fantastic enthusiasm and I cannot wait to go to more events and even try this at home without the loud music.

Thanks Gina the Trainer for informing about the event!

What new workouts are you trying this year?

WIAW: Steak Gyros & Butternut Squash Ravioli with Spinach Pesto (Plated)

I’m not a good cook. I’m not even much of a baker. I do both to survive – the body needs food. Most of my “cooking” is simply putting things together without cooking it. This might be wraps, salads, or something simple.

But I love a good cooking show, especially “MasterChef” and “The Taste.” Gabe is so hot.

Lots of recipes require things I would have to buy solely for the one meal so when I got a sweet deal on Plated meals, I went for it.

I picked steak gyros. It came with everything except the salt and pepper.

I have no knife skills…

Non-fat Greek yogurt and cukes

Dill, red onions, and lemon juice

So delicious.

…and surprisingly easy.

The other meal I picked: butternut squash with spinach pesto.

This meal required my toaster oven, my blender, and a few pans. Too much for a regular evening meal.

Overall verdict


  • Comes with everything but salt and pepper. May require some other items like olive oil.
  • Everything is labeled in case you can’t tell the difference between dill and basil.
  • Packed with ice to keep cold. I came home later and it was still cold.
  • Photo directions and gorgeous meals! Highly important.


  • Requires too many pots and pans, bowls, a toaster oven, blender, etc.
  • Lots of clean-up.
  • Expensive. Meals run about $12 per plate with a minimum of 2 plates each meal, a minimum of 4 plates to order and then there’s shipping.

*Although I’m not sure if this is normal since I don’t really “cook” meals on a regular basis.

TRY OUT PLATED and let me know how it goes!

This has inspired me to cook more and made me more confident in my cooking. Each night, it took me about an hour to make dinner. I hear that’s normal.

How long does it take you to cook dinner on a weeknight?