WIAW: Bacon-Wrapped Mascarpone-Stuffed Dates (and Just Dinners)

Being on break has screwed with my sleep schedule and eating. I’ve eaten thinkThin bars, snacks, and darn good dinners. News: I haven’t felt the need for nighttime snacking thanks to my accidental intermittent fasting.

My cousin perfectly portioned out leftover turkey and veggies for me. 🙂

I brought this trio of apps to our family gathering: Tupelo Honey Cafe’s warm pimento cheese spread, mini sausages wrapped in bacon-wrapped mascarpone-stuffed datesThey were a hit!

I met up with Eddie & Paul, my fair co-workers, for dinner at Crow Bar + Kitchen. I had a beer and a meatlover’s flatbread.

After my AM workout, I drove in the rain all the way to a different county for a sandwich and a loaf of cinnamon chip bread from the newest and closest Great Harvest Bread Company.

Best bread ever and worth the 30 minute drive.

I found a stash of Kandy Kale on sale and have been eating this between watching TV and reading.

Are you watching more TV and reading more this season?


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