WIAW: Kaya Street Kitchen

About 7 years ago, at Christmas time, my then good friend invited me to dinner with some of her friends and one new friend from college. I don’t know the extent of their relationship and now to think of it, why would some guy drive over an hour just to have dinner with us?

Her male friend and his two friends were super cool though. We chatted about basketball and soon became Facebook friends. Over the years, one of them (the cutest one) and I kept in touch liked each other’s photos on social media. I followed him as he traveled through Asia and ate everything. It came to no surprise when I got an invite to his restaurant ONE BLOCK from The Grove and famous farmer’s market.

Kaya Street Kitchen serves Southeast Asian cuisine in a Chipotle-style line.

First, pick your base: coconut lime rice, brown basil rice, salad, roti tacos, or lettuce tacos. So many healthy, organic options.

Step 2: pick your protein.

Then it’s a mashup of veggie slaws, corn, and sauces.

Ta-da. My cousin and I came out with 3 roti tacos made with organic flour and shortening with lemongrass coconut steak and topped with sweet tamarind slaw, garlic kale, sambal corn, and sweet-soy glaze.

They were so delicious much more than I can say about the “famous” ice cream shop we went to next.

Kaya Street Kitchen
109 North Fairfax Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90048
(323) 879-9288

Website | Instagram | Facebook | Yelp


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