oh, hello friend Holiday Social (and community)


When I lived in little ol’ Asheville, North Carolina, the art and crafting community was huge and apparent. It was one of things I truly loved about Asheville and missed when I moved back to the commercialized O.C.

Since moving to my new neighborhood though, I’ve found a fantastic little community with old timey antique shops and downtowns, farmers’ markets, from scratch bakeries, and people like Natalie from The Sunshine Grove, The Makery, and my newest find, oh, hello friend.

Last week, oh, hello friend hosted a holiday social at their shop in Downtown Fullerton.

Downtown Fullerton is dreamy by day with its tree-lined streets, several antique shops, salons, bakery, and coffee shops. Previously, I had only come for the college nightlife scene.

We made cards and tattooed ornaments.

I snagged a couple of $5 jewelry grab bag. I kept these and gave the others to my kids.

They had so many items to be coveted.

I treated myself to this mug:

How do you get involved with the blogging, crafting, or baking community in your area?


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