MIMM: Freedom! (and Nicki’s Birthday)

FREEDOM! …for 2 weeks.

The day was spent trying to/pretending to teach the kids something but half the time they made cards and ornaments.

Our science teacher, Nicki, had the kids make borax (with pipe cleaner) ornaments. I made a couple too.

We made it almost halfway and it’s a huge accomplishment. I am glad to have shared the last few months with great people.

Friday was start to our holiday break and to celebrate, my co-workers and I headed to lunch and to grab a couple of beers. I was pretty excited to get our shy co-worker to come as well. All of us admitted to falling asleep pretty early after that.

On Saturday, we got together again to celebrate Nicki’s 34th birthday.

We ate tons of delicious food (from Bootlegger’s) and painted.

This is probably my best painting yet! It even got space in a main room in the house and not the “garage gallery.”

I cannot wait for the freedom and adventures over the holiday break! Stay tuned.

What are you doing over the holiday “break,” if you have one?


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