Treat Yourself Tuesday: Renegade Craft Fair LA & Exploring A New LA Neighborhood


This weekend, I headed to LA for a [food] blogger meetup. The girls selected Blacktop Coffee and an area that was unbeknownst to me.

And just a few streets down was the Renegade Craft Fair. Of course, I knew about it and had intentions of going.

We didn’t buy anything but got a nice walk, made some free crafts (thanks Martha/American Made), and was inspired to do more crafting.

I picked Asheville for my Mod Podge house.

Because we were starving after eating only cookies for breakfast, my cousin Catherine and I walked over to Grand Central Market for eggslutThe line was insane though. There were tons of other places to eat, and yes, it did feel like I was in New York architecturally and with diverse food, deli counters, and it was packed!

I decided on Wexler’s Deli‘s O.G. pastrami sandwich, a really greasy sandwich.

Cat wanted French toast, or as she says “triangle bread,” from Valerie.

L.A. is so spread out that I’m not even sure where downtown really is. LA has its beach cities and grungy downtown/Garment District but there are pockets of crafty, hipster (let’s be real, I like that stuff) spots that I really enjoy.

So far, this area of Los Angeles was quite impressive: Grand Park near the Civic Center and the Arts District where Blacktop Coffee is located.

If you’ve been to L.A., where is your favorite area or neighborhood?

If you live in or have been to New York City, where should I go visit? I went once and want to go again so ideas!


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