MIMM: I love talking to strangers, and other things I learned.

Things I learned this weekend:

  • Traffic in California sucks, even when you take the expensive toll rolls.
  • It may take you an hour and a half to go 5 miles.
  • You can’t drink wine, cocktails, and a beer without getting a hangover.
  • I love talking to strangers. LOVE.
  • Hangovers can last almost 2 days.
  • The memory of a hangover will stop you from drinking for at least 2 weeks.

2 hours and I made it to the Bit of Italy cooking class with my co-worker Nicole, complete with wine and delicious polenta bites, at The Farm School on Los Rios, a country home on the oldest neighborhood in California!

I laid in bed all morning, went to an ice cream blogger date, and then laid in bed, unable to comfortably open my eyes… so I listened to Serial. I am hooked.

Again, I love talking to strangers, especially after 2 cups of coffee. Definitely no drinks for me! Well, only about half of these ladies who brunch are strangers.

I also love crafting and craft shows. I missed Artisanal LA on Saturday but made it to Unique’s LA Holiday Market on Sunday.

I picked up this shirt from I Heart Pies:

I perused some paper goods and discovered new food, of course.

Donut Friend‘s donuts are better than Donut Snob. Period. Yes, Donut Friend does mostly vegan too.

Mallow Mallow had Canadian s’mores complete with Canadian bacon and maple marshmallow!

And there goes the weekend… just 2 more weeks before 2 weeks off!

Are you an introvert or extrovert? Did you know that not all bloggers are as chatty as they seem. This shocked me, especially since I am typically an extrovert.


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