Treat Yourself Tuesday: Local Holiday [Patchwork] Festival

What I love about December: holiday markets.


Throughout the year, there are a few summer and winter shows/festivals/markets. They remind me of the arts and craft scene out in Asheville (where I used to live). In particular, this event is held in downtown Santa Ana, the largest city in Orange County with older architecture that sometimes mimics Asheville and yes, an up-and-coming art/hipster scene. It’s better than the Long Beach Patchwork Festival.

My cousin and I made a [rainy] morning of it.

So much Christmas/holiday inspiration! I will definitely be working on a Hawaiian Christmas next year!

We used washi tape to make some gift tags with The Makery.

Of course, the food vendors were my favorite: Daughter’s Granola has 2 varieties: Orange County and Wisconsin! I picked the orange and honey Orange County version. I can’t stop eating it either – it must be the millets.

After braving the cold, we snuggled under blankets at home.

I cannot wait for this next weekend. At the festival, I signed up to be an assistant for some classes at HipCooks beginning with “A Cocktail Party!”

Besides this one, I’m lucky that there are some great holiday markets such as Artisanal LA and Unique (love them – very similar in the “feel”) and Renegade, which is outdoors and has more crafters than food vendors. You know I love my food vendors though…

Do you have holiday markets in your area? What are your favorite local crafters or makers?


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