MIMM: 5 Minute Recap of a Week Off

After a whole week off, I’m going back to work. Sadly, I procrastinated all break – in my defense, I was sick. I’m even typing this minutes before leaving for work.

I had a MARVELOUS week off, which makes this morning a little very sad.

I slept in everyday and watched great TV shows like “Wentworth,” the Australian version of “Orange is the New Black.”

I got in some easy workouts with Your Trainer Paige‘s #FitandFestive challenge.

I ate some delicious food, which I will share with you on Wednesday along with some holiday cookie recipes!

I went on some fun adventures in my little area, which I’ll share tomorrow. 🙂 You’ll have to wait till I have time to write it all down.

This was me last night. Lots of work and it took much longer than I expectedI ended up sleeping at 1:30 AM!

We’re in December now! Can you believe it?

There are tons of festivities this week – work party, training at my new part-time job, cooking class, holiday brunch, a Great Harvest opening nearby (yes!) – and just lots of cheer that I need to stop being a Debbie Downer immediately!


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