WIAW: Bacon-Wrapped Mascarpone-Stuffed Dates (and Just Dinners)

Being on break has screwed with my sleep schedule and eating. I’ve eaten thinkThin bars, snacks, and darn good dinners. News: I haven’t felt the need for nighttime snacking thanks to my accidental intermittent fasting.

My cousin perfectly portioned out leftover turkey and veggies for me. 🙂

I brought this trio of apps to our family gathering: Tupelo Honey Cafe’s warm pimento cheese spread, mini sausages wrapped in bacon-wrapped mascarpone-stuffed datesThey were a hit!

I met up with Eddie & Paul, my fair co-workers, for dinner at Crow Bar + Kitchen. I had a beer and a meatlover’s flatbread.

After my AM workout, I drove in the rain all the way to a different county for a sandwich and a loaf of cinnamon chip bread from the newest and closest Great Harvest Bread Company.

Best bread ever and worth the 30 minute drive.

I found a stash of Kandy Kale on sale and have been eating this between watching TV and reading.

Are you watching more TV and reading more this season?

A Perfect Pair [of ASICS] for Cross-Training

I’ve never known the power of good sneakers until a few years ago. I bought whatever looked good or was on sale.

As I got more active, my feet started hurting. I’m ashamed to admit that it got to the point where I started to develop bunions. Gross.

I finally started researching shoes, buying some cross-training shoes instead of picking up running shoes… since I don’t run. Sadly, the cross-training shoes were also unsightly.

At Blend, I asked about 10 girls about their gorgeous ASICS, except all of them were running shoes. I had a pair of casual ASICS a long time ago that I coveted.

I was ecstatic to receive a pair of the ASICS GEL-Fit Sanas. I picked black and gray instead of my usual crazy colors.

Once I put them on… woah!

I couldn’t stop wearing them. They weighed NOTHING, felt like I had no shoes on and since I got black, they worked with my regular clothes!

The ASICS GEL-Fit Sanas provides support that going barefoot doesn’t.


Cleaning. Look at that face. Mind you, I’m still sick.


Dropping down.

For fun, squatting with my dog.

Through an entire workout and for these photos, my arches felt 100%. I can’t wait to try them with circuits – I have a feeling these would hold up in anything from Zumba to [the small amounts of] sprinting running.

Have you ever suffered any foot pain?

How do you take care of your feet?

This post is sponsored by FitFluential on behalf of ASICS.

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MIMM: More (in the new year)

1. Read more. I put out a call on Instagram for some suggestions.

2. Cook more and have sit-down meals even when it’s just me.

I made myself a few spanakopitas.

3. Move more. I quit the gym, worked out at home, and did a lot of yoga. I didn’t get in as much hiking as possible. Truth be told, I also miss training at the gym. :/

4. Sleep more. I sleep about 10 hours every day over break. This will prove problematic when I start working again.

5. Spend more time with family and friends. The holidays are a great reminder that I have some family I like. I also reconnect with many of my friends. 🙂

I’m super excited for some time with friends this week:

  • Dinner with ex-co-workers
  • Friends from North Carolina who are visiting the Sriracha Factory
  • New Year’s gathering with the girls
  • Visiting friends in LA
  • Hiking and hot chocolate with ex-co-workers
  • Once a year visit to San Diego to see Conor!*

*In communicating with Conor, I accidentally texted another Conor in my phone, a very good looking Conor whose number I got and forgot it was his. Oops.

What will you be doing in the new year?