Treat Yourself Tuesday: A Week of Being Sick


Its been a whole week since I last posted. Even before then, I was posting intermittently.

I have this entire week off! Woohoo! I actually took last Friday off because I was am deathly sick.

Well, what does one do I do when they are sick? TREAT YOURSELF!

Sleep at 7 PM, 6 PM, and then 5:30 PM.

Take a day off work.

Eat spicy sushi.

Do yoga but have to stop because downward dog made me congested.

Go to Friendsgiving. I skipped the dessert though.

(Photo from my friend Elle.)

Imbibe in cranberry mimosas. Antioxidants right?

Lay on the couch and watch “Frank the Entertainer Basement Affair.” All of it.

Workout watching said show. That tea towel is for Paige’s #FitandFestive workout and those run capris are from Fabletics!

Craft. I finally found and dyed bottle brush trees.

Have you started decorating for the holidays? I can’t wait to share all of my DIY wreaths!


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