I don’t have goals [yet]. (Part 1)

I don’t have goals.

had goals, like reaching 135 pounds and when I reached that years ago, I kept going and hit almost 110 pounds. That did not go well and here I am at 135 again. It was a struggle to let go of a weight loss goal. A weight loss goal sets me up for depression.

In the back of my head, I want to lose 10 pounds. Oh yes, those 10 pounds every woman wants to lose. Actually 10 pounds or 125 pounds is where I was before I started working out 5-7 hours a day and not eating (600-1000 calories per day).

So I don’t have a weight loss goal.

I don’t have a body fat goal. I don’t have a strength goal. I don’t have a yoga goal. And I definitely don’t have some goal to run a half or full marathon. I don’t know what my body fat is. That would depress me too. I’ve had strength and yoga goals like increasing weights or getting into a pose. I even ran a 5K in 27 minutes then I realized I don’t like running.

Right now, I workout because it’s a habit. I workout because I want to move around and because I can abet slowly when I’m sick.

I don’t have eating goals. I don’t have goals for drinking water. I eat pretty well every day. I drink tons of water.

When I let go of the “goals,” I live freely and I live a life of balance. I can go out again. I can focus on work.

But there’s a problem with not having goals at all. I don’t know where I’m going.

Someone asked me where I see myself in 10 years and I hardly had an answer. The only thing I could say was I want to go back to a high school.

Yes, that’s it. How big is my want? How great is the fire?

My answer:

  • I’m not excited about going back to work next week. I have a lot to do, but even worse, I am not entirely thrilled about teaching my kids. I am usually excited to get back to my kids…
  • Once a week I come home and go to sleep before 7 PM. It’s not just a nap – I sleep through the whole night!
  • Over the last 3 months, I’ve gotten sick 3 times. I had a regular cold, tension headaches that lasted a whole week, and I’m at the end of a week and a half cold. Due to this month alone, my hormones were thrown off!

Do I want this for even another year? No.

So what must I do?

  • I signed up to finish my remaining tests to be highly qualified in English. I can take one at a time, the first at the end of January.
  • Take those last 2 classes to be get my Master’s in Special Ed [to get paid more] starting September 2015.
  • Continue working hard and doing more at my current job.
  • Apply and get a job at a high school that it’s in my old district or a comparable district. Pray that the staff is just as great.

And here’s a kicker: I jumped on board with my friend Denise to work in the finance/insurance business. It’s a good group of people and a little side job.

Hey, maybe this isn’t such a big deal since most people make their life decisions at 29.

Stay tuned for part 2, where I address non-career goals.

WIAW: Finding Time for Food Adventures

Lindsay has hit it on the head like she always does. Blogging is easy hard. I might be gone for a week and not feel any passion because these posts end up alike.

Why do I blog? Why do I use social media?

I blog to share, to connect, to relate.

It’s my corner of the world and though you may not read it all the time, it’s nice to know that someone somewhere does sometimes. I come back and get to recall my thoughts, feelings, and events in my life.

When don’t I blog?

I don’t blog when I’m busy. I don’t blog when my life is boring or when it’s extremely fun (too busy having fun).

This week off has been somewhere in the middle. Not a lot to report just being sick but I got to hang out with friends, watch some new-to-me shows, craft, and go on some food adventures.

Since it’s Wednesday, I find it highly appropriate to share.

Southern California is starting to look a lot more like Asheville, North Carolina. Now they have some good food there! What do I mean? I mean organic coffee, organic chocolate, and almond milk. I mean fresh pastries by renowned chefs in small spaces with amazing architecture.

First stop, coffee! I treated myself to a cup of dark chocolate almond milk mocha from ChocXO. They have organic beans and chocolate. It was so rich, I only drank half and saved the rest.

I went for a walk this morning in Downtown Santa Ana.

Dough Exchange was the only thing open. They had creative doughnuts and pastries.

I picked out a pizza doughnut and salted beer caramel doughnut. Sadly, the pizza was oily and was just melted cheese on top of a plain doughnut. The beer doughnut had a good flavor but was hard.

After a couple of bites, I decided to do something about my sickness. I headed to Pressed Juicery. There are tons of juice places here in Southern California and $6 is on par with everywhere else.

Greens 5 had orange & pineapple juice so it was good. I’ll be coming back for the freeze though (simple ingredients: almond, vanilla, coconut meat, dates, cinnamon!)

So I hope that when you’re in the area, that you try out some of these delicious places. I have Yelp too – I get lost without Yelp!

What is your family doing for Thanksgiving? We’re having chicken. I’ve already enjoyed sushi, Friendsgiving, and my friend’s work party last night and I’ve had a bit of turkey and ham and some vegan pumpkin cheesecake, which is all I need. Wait, I want potatoes, russet or sweet.

Treat Yourself Tuesday: A Week of Being Sick


Its been a whole week since I last posted. Even before then, I was posting intermittently.

I have this entire week off! Woohoo! I actually took last Friday off because I was am deathly sick.

Well, what does one do I do when they are sick? TREAT YOURSELF!

Sleep at 7 PM, 6 PM, and then 5:30 PM.

Take a day off work.

Eat spicy sushi.

Do yoga but have to stop because downward dog made me congested.

Go to Friendsgiving. I skipped the dessert though.

(Photo from my friend Elle.)

Imbibe in cranberry mimosas. Antioxidants right?

Lay on the couch and watch “Frank the Entertainer Basement Affair.” All of it.

Workout watching said show. That tea towel is for Paige’s #FitandFestive workout and those run capris are from Fabletics!

Craft. I finally found and dyed bottle brush trees.

Have you started decorating for the holidays? I can’t wait to share all of my DIY wreaths!