Taking a sick day


I have this policy that I don’t take days off when I’m actually sick. Last month I went to work with a pretty bad cold and natural remedies of vitamin C and elderberry syrup.

I use my sick days as fun days. I’ve already planned to attend Blend 2015.

But there are days I need off. These are mental health days.

I’ve started having tension headaches. My neck is stiff and I can’t really move it. I’m dizzy and everything is a little fuzzy. My ears are plugged up too.

I could go to work and I did yesterday, but it sucked. I came home and didn’t want to do anything – I literally laid in bed. Part of it was being strangely tired and part of it was being lazy. I did end up getting up and working out a little. 🙂

So I took a day off even though logically, we don’t really work on Friday (parent conference day). I still went in to get everything ready for my sub since I made the decision so late this morning. It was a good decision because my head was pounding.

What did I do on my day off?

  • Consider getting acupuncture/massage but not wanting to wait anywhere…
  • Catch up for Wednesday and Thursday… maybe later
  • Read and comment on blogs
  • Find out that my fitness level is under 20 years ago. Woo!
  • Maybe I should’ve stayed in North Carolina. I miss the Southern cityscapes (L.A. is too much of a madhouse to notice the urban beauty) and mountains (because I need some calm right now).
  • Confirming my weekend at in L.A. even though I said it’s a madhouse. We’re going to The Edison, Pink Taco, & Taste of Melrose.
  • Reading Sam’s 35 by 35 list and thinking about my long-term goals. Maybe even goals I hope to accomplish in a year. I’ll post it tomorrow!
  • Join the Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap

The Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap 2014


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