Five Things Friday: Treats (iPad Air)


5 scenes from the week

I spent all day training, learning about behavior interventions and how to physically intervene too.

While I was away, my kids got to watch “Encino Man,” make a crest/shield, and visualize the American Revolution.


Because of work (boo!), I missed the Ocean Spray PACt fitness event with Fitnessista (and others)! I did spot the “water” at the store and got to try it.


I have mustered enough energy to do a 30 minute workout everyday. In the past, I would’ve freaked out at just 30 minutes, but now, it’s good enough, especially since stand/walk around all day and can hardly get in lunch.


Other than that, I attempted and completed filing all my students’ work.


…and here’s a cute picture of my dog for ya.


5 pretty exciting things

I finished my pumpkin!


My taste in music nowadays is… rainy?


I got a free song too. This is Pink’s new project and it’s good!


I have insurance now!


The big one: I spent my entire Thursday after work playing with my new toy, my iPad Air, which I totally deserved after the day I had…


Of course, I needed to procure a case for it. It’s still in the mail though.

5 things I’ve eaten this week

Guac and chips on Tuesday when I was too lazy to go to Taco Tuesday


Ultimate sandwich: Applegate Farms’ pepperoni and soy cheese between Kodiak Cakes.


More Applegate. I love deals.


Speaking of deals, I got $2 off food at Starbucks. Now I can’t get over this turkey bacon breakfast sandwich.


I finally found Luvo flatbread and used a coupon I’ve been holding onto. So good!



…and I have another one in the freezer. 🙂


5 things I’m looking forward to

Pumpkin Glow

Anaheim Fall Festival

Bicoastal Biathlon, which I haven’t decided if I’m going to yet.

Getting a manicure with my little cousin



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