MIMM: “Work Hard, Play Hard”

The first thing that came to my mind: I haven’t worked out much at all this last week due to trainings, volunteering, and then going out with my co-workers.

…at least I got paid an extra 11 hours last week and at least I had some fun.

Saturday morning, I volunteered at a cross country meet.

I stopped by for coffee and reading at The Gypsy Den before going to the new hire orientation.


Afterwards, some of the girls and I headed for drinks. We started at Native Son Alehouse.


They have a marvelous view of Downtown Santa Ana.


Our next stop was for a couple of cocktails and guac and queso fundido with chorizo at Lola Gaspar.


Finally, we stopped at Chapter One for Brass Monkeys.


Our night didn’t end there. We stopped by my friend Ryan’s kitschy artsy apartment and made our way to meet up with another co-worker for a Halloween party where I impressed them with my beer pong skills. 🙂

I spent most of Sunday hungover and sleeping.

My pumpkin is still not done…

This week, I will definitely be taking it slower and working on my mental and physical state. 🙂


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