WIAW: Artisanal LA Fall Show

I’ve been deathly sick. I tried to wake up and work out on Saturday, but after a few jump squats, my head was too congested to go on.

I picked up some homeopathic medicine and dollar coconut water (plus clearance bin $1 popcorn for when I feel better).


I headed to Artisanal LA‘s Fall Show. The drive while sick sucked, but I got out of the house and walked around for about 3 hours – good enough activity for being so sick.

IMG_4844Free tote bag!

IMG_4845What’s that? A giant chair?

IMG_4846The Donut Snob was there. I didn’t get any because honestly, they don’t measure up to the freshness of Sidecar.

IMG_4813I did try one of these quarter cupcakes from Cupcake Kissis. Perfect size!

IMG_4847Started off the morning with an Americano from Copa Vida.

IMG_4856Visited the goats from Drake Family Farms. Soledad also had their goats there too!

IMG_4848One of my favorites were vegan cookie dough makers, Conscious Cookies.

IMG_4823I drank so many different cold brew coffees, some Health Ade and Califia Farms‘ watermelon fresca.

IMG_4858So many loose leaf teas from World Flavorz.

IMG_4829There was also a lot of jerky, including Banzai’s bacon jerky.

IMG_4825Another favorite: K&V Bake. They make their own jam, bread, cinnamon rolls, caramels, drinks, and labels! I bought a slice of olive oil brioche with pear/saffron/white wine jam. I’ve never heard so many ohs and ahs over a slice of toast.

IMG_4841And how could I resist avocado fudge Buddy Pops?

IMG_4849 There was only one purveyor of nut butter but it was a good one! Spread the Love PB makes pumpkin nut butter with real pumpkin seeds. I chose the cacao version though.

IMG_4855Other favorites that are unpictured:

  • wilderess – I bought their lavender lemon lip balm and their candles smelled amazing too! Maybe next time!
  • RAWnutMILK with their varieties of delicious almond milks!
  • Bond Bars – fun, fancy chocolate flavors like s’mores, peanut butter pretzel and cookies & cream!
  • Stowaway Ginger Beer
  • Piece By Paz candles, especially Spumpkin!

On my way home from LA, I stopped by Lazy Acres, my favorite grocery in the area.

IMG_4850 Have you gone to a food show? If so, which one and how was it?


6 thoughts on “WIAW: Artisanal LA Fall Show

  1. This whole post is making me hungry. I can’t decide whether I’d rather eat that avocado fudge pop, or that toast. Delicious.

    Also, I have to say, I kind of love pictures of anyone in giant chairs. Is that weird? Hope you’re feeling better!

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