5+ Ways to De-Stress (when “life sucks”)


I had this post about all the great things that made me feel successful on Wednesday, including:

  • Students actually learning
  • Productive meetings, and I was one of few who had to go to 3 grade-level department meetings
  • Making connections with colleagues
  • E-mails and calls for interviews from districts, some of whom I interviewed with before

…and today, I wish I hadn’t turned those interviews down. Apparently, the worst thing that can happen when you break a contract is that you won’t be able to work in the district anymore.

It was that bad. The class was out of control and I got upset. I wanted to cuss and throw things, which I pretty much did by tossing notebooks. I let them get to me.

I want my students to learn and have fun while doing it. Plain and simple. My goals are far from lofty. I want them to learn a little bit of content but more so, how to be successful and kind.

However, the background of the students I work with makes it difficult. I won’t delve into it, but trust me when I say this is hard. This made me choke up and break down and cry because otherwise, it would be stuck inside.

My mom says, Don’t let it get to you. I say, This is what I’m good at and I’m feeling like a failure.

So today, I’m sharing ways to de-stress.

1. Talk to people. We have 12 new teachers, all of whom have experience elsewhere and say this is their hardest assignment. I’m not alone. Other teachers have cried and wanted to quit too.

2. Get out of there. Afterwards, I usually stay and clean up. Heck to the no. I had a meeting but after that, I left.

3. Take a nap. I’ve taken hour-long naps everyday and though it doesn’t help my sleeping at night, it’s a good quick fix.

4. Go to yoga. Although today the nap superseded the yoga.

5. Cry. Just do it because I felt 80% better.

6. Do crossword puzzles. This totally works for me because it requires 100% of my brainpower.

7. Drink a beer.


7. Be hopeful. Hey, I got interviews in some great districts. My co-worker even said, If you get an interview at Laguna, you have to be like a unicorn or something. What?! Haha.

How do you de-stress?


2 thoughts on “5+ Ways to De-Stress (when “life sucks”)

  1. I’ve been reading your blog for a while but never commented. This post just reminded me of one of my favourite books “To Sir with Love” by E.R. Braithwaite. I would definitely recommend if you’ve not read it.

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