WIAW/Thinking Out Loud Thursday Combo

Soooo… I uploaded these pictures and forgot to post them earlier today. I’ve been busy ya know.


It’s fall! I wish I got a chance to breathe and celebrate it properly because it’s my favorite season.

photo 4

I haven’t done a whole lot of working out and my eats have been lackluster – I made some chicken pho with soybean noodles and have stuck to eating that for 3 days.

Otherwise, it’s Kodiak Cakes.


photo 1

Sometimes I treat myself. I finally got a meal at The Healthy Junk, which ended up being lunch the next day. So good!

photo 3

On weekends, I splurge a bit. Pizza from Whole Foods happened twice and then I had some ice cream and bought myself a slice of my favorite cake to nibble at over the week.

photo 3

Has my waistline expanded? Nope.

All that working and moving around with less food during the workday is keeping me in shape. My friend/elementary teacher says she never has time to eat – she only eats breakfast and dinner.

Of course, Carly wrote this fantastic post called “This Body” and all the awesome things our bodies can do.

When I first lost weight, it was because I was engrossed in my job (as a high school tutor). Teaching is more important and some days, that means I miss working out because I’m at work for 12 hours and then I come home to do more work. Not always though. Today, I just took a 2 hour nap.

*Also, can’t wait for Tara Stiles’ book, Make Your Own Rules Diet.

The only problem with being all-in when it comes to work/school: My social life gets put on hold and I may or may not disappear from the scene. This doesn’t bode well for any relationships… and I’ll admit, sometimes I get a little lonely.

…and I want to travel.


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