Treat Yourself Tuesday: School & Yoga Supplies

First, look who’s here to visit.

IMG_4518Before I go to work for the first time (after I sign my contract), let me link up with Becky to share all the cool things I’ve treated myself to.


I’ve definitely treated myself now that I have a full-time job with a salary.

A lot of it has to do with school.

I made a big order of borders, letters, and a lesson plan book. This shipment is taking sooo long though.


I used some Sharpie paint pens to make my classroom expectations.


Notebooks ready for each class I’m teaching:


A fresh pack of pens for moi.


Waiting to use those pens for my new planner (on the way). It took so long to decide against a Whitney English poster ’cause I didn’t want to pay $59 + shipping and I had a gift card to Amazon from my co-workers.

Oh and I finally, after years of having a yoga mat, bought a bag for it.

Oh and my Fabletics outfit came.


I got the Sevier with the gorgeous Miri tank. The straps were falling down, but I remedied it by pushing the straps together in the back and it stayed during yoga.

The Lima capris are a staple for Fabletics. They’re high-waisted yet not compressive enough in the waist to be okay and dare I say, it was too high for me.

I may return the Sevan sports bra – it flattens me even more and it has the same strap style as the tank so it makes for too many straps if worn with the Miri tank.


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