MIMM: Marvelous Last Days

I grew up in Huntington Beach. Then I left home. I went to school in a neighboring city because my parents didn’t want me to go to the ghetto schools. I moved back here and worked here. Even when I bought a home in a new city, I still worked there. The 35 minute drive home kind of sucked even though it was traffic-less.

Friday was the end of that. No longer do I live or work in Surf City USA.

No more SAC lunch Thursday although I never eat it. They made spaghetti squash spaghetti and made me crave it. I headed over to Mama’s on 39th for theirs.


Organic Frosted Flakes ice cream from SweetXO.


Picked up donuts for my last day with the juniors and freshmen





She dropped in to visit.


Last day with the sophomores.


Yes, we still did work.


Loving messages from all the kids.


…and finally recognition. I mean, I did get skipped every time they announced a long-term sub or student teacher for 2 years but whatevs.


The important thing was that ALL THE TEACHERS/AIDES in my department came into my 6th period to surprise me with this card, a few gift cards, and hugs.


They also gave me some loot for my new classroom.


I also got some lovely e-mails from parents.



One thought on “MIMM: Marvelous Last Days

  1. Ahhhh so bittersweet, leaving and moving to a different job. It’s like a huge field of emotions whether you loved your job or not. So happy for you and your new adventure. I also love love love your blog layout very nice lady!

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