MIMM: Eating through the weekend


Breakfast pancakes and then pizza from Whole Foods for lunch



More pizza (for breakfast) and the Union Market Tustin Preview Party for dinner, which was mostly just this porchetta slider.



Kodiak pancakes for lunch, pizza (again) for lunch, and sashimi dinner with my little cousin.


We baked avocado brownies.




And these amazing pumpkin chocolate chip snickerdoodles. Recipe to come!


We did work…


…and played.



Not mine but I took my mom and cousin to breakfast at the new Roscoe’s Chicken & Waffles.


I had a brunch date with some friends at Bonefish Grill.

I had the surf ‘n turf with hollaindaise on the side (and I only ate half the muffin).


But I had like 3 drinks…


A few tortilla chips and tea and I guess I’m intermittent fasting/I just wasn’t hungry.


…and now it’s time to get back to eating in.

WIAW/Thinking Out Loud Thursday Combo

Soooo… I uploaded these pictures and forgot to post them earlier today. I’ve been busy ya know.


It’s fall! I wish I got a chance to breathe and celebrate it properly because it’s my favorite season.

photo 4

I haven’t done a whole lot of working out and my eats have been lackluster – I made some chicken pho with soybean noodles and have stuck to eating that for 3 days.

Otherwise, it’s Kodiak Cakes.


photo 1

Sometimes I treat myself. I finally got a meal at The Healthy Junk, which ended up being lunch the next day. So good!

photo 3

On weekends, I splurge a bit. Pizza from Whole Foods happened twice and then I had some ice cream and bought myself a slice of my favorite cake to nibble at over the week.

photo 3

Has my waistline expanded? Nope.

All that working and moving around with less food during the workday is keeping me in shape. My friend/elementary teacher says she never has time to eat – she only eats breakfast and dinner.

Of course, Carly wrote this fantastic post called “This Body” and all the awesome things our bodies can do.

When I first lost weight, it was because I was engrossed in my job (as a high school tutor). Teaching is more important and some days, that means I miss working out because I’m at work for 12 hours and then I come home to do more work. Not always though. Today, I just took a 2 hour nap.

*Also, can’t wait for Tara Stiles’ book, Make Your Own Rules Diet.

The only problem with being all-in when it comes to work/school: My social life gets put on hold and I may or may not disappear from the scene. This doesn’t bode well for any relationships… and I’ll admit, sometimes I get a little lonely.

…and I want to travel.

MIMM: Reaching one of my career/life goals

Hello, I’ve successfully accomplished one of my major career and life goals for now.

photo 2I’m surviving everyday and barely making my lessons on time, but I’m starting to think about my next goals.

My favorite ice breaker: Marshmallow Challenge.

photo 1I’ve woken up early for last minute trips to Walmart.

photo 1 I put up decor for Back to School night.

photo 2I need another table and filing cabinet. Maybe Craigslist?

My super helpful co-workers gave me more posters!
photo 4    And I get a shipment of my supplies tomorrow!

Work has kept me so busy that I only made it to yoga 3xs this week!

photo 2My membership at The Yoga Mat ended, but I’m enjoying their free classes till I decide…

photo 4Partly because I bought a Groupon for CorePower. CorePower is heated and a bit farther from home.

Oh my gosh, I love Circus Animal ice cream. They had it at both Sweet XO and Han’s Homemade.

photo 3Speaking of blasts from the past, I bought these stickers for $1.

photo 5…because I needed to dazzle up my Lilly Pulitzer agenda so I don’t forget to go to karaoke night after my Friday nap.

photo 5

There’s still lots to do, especially all the paperwork that comes with being a Special Educator. My short-term (within the year) goals include:

  • working super hard
  • making sure I take steps to get my credential(s) cleared
  • become highly qualified in English