“You’re loving life right now.”

I was shocked by how wonderful my class was today – the students all participated, wrote notes, discussed, and we had a few laughs too!

I’ve really stepped up this year. It feels so good to be in a place where I can offer a solid education, be on top of case managing, & be in love – a student actually said “Man, you’re loving life right now.” – because it’s obvious how happy I am.

It’s attracting good karma, but my heart is already breaking when I think that hey, this isn’t permanent and that I have opportunities outside of this place I’ve called home for 3 years.

I never thought that coming back and treating this as my own would make it harder to leave.

Absent work, paper, and hopefully a stapler and pencil sharpener soon.


Turn-in area being utilized, notebooks, and I need to mark the recycle bins.



Classroom expectations thanks to Alison for making them!


Showcasing tomorrow’s vocabulary and winners of the Marshmallow Challenge.


I haven’t been to yoga in 3 days though. I got dressed for it and couldn’t make it home quick enough… then I didn’t want to wait an hour and a half for the next class.


So I took myself to dinner instead. This plus some edamame and another two of these.



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