Five Foods with Meaning


This is how I felt today and I’m not sure why…


5 things from yesterday

1. A new pose to work on in yoga: eight-angle pose.

The other pose we worked on, which will prove a bit harder.

This girl has posted all the photos of her in a pose per day.

2. Breakfast smoothie with Baron – I ran out of bananas and don’t have Greek yogurt so I used some coconut Arctic Zero to fluff it up.


3. Scrubbing the class and then adding decor. I forgot to take a picture. I did take a SnapChat but forgot.

4. Frozen yogurt with my little cousin. I picked her up and wasn’t going to get any, but they had s’mores and a very delicious mixed berry tart flavor.


5. Dinner with the fair fam at Buffalo Wild Wings. I had the Naked Tenders and gave the fries away.


5 foods

1. Dark chocolate I hate raisins, but I loved dark chocolate covered raisins all last fall. This year it’s dark chocolate covered pretzels. Chocolate is good with everything and lately, I’m loving s’mores. I even thought this “Smoke Shop” said “Smore Shop.”

Christy showed me these s’mores in a cast iron pan… we must make it!

2. Peanut butter I used to eat a jar a week and subsisted on PB toast or on apples. I’ve tried all the brands and not just peanut butter but almond butter, cashew butter, sunflower seed butter, hazelnut, etc. One of my favorites is Peanut Butter & Co‘s The Bee’s Knees and White Chocolate Wonderful.

Right now, I’m into locally made Buff Butter.


3. Apples I have to admit, I haven’t eaten as many apples as I did when I lived in North Carolina. I would go to Justus Orchard and pick my own Fujis. Here in California, the orchards pretty much suck. Since it’s fall, I’ll be getting back into the apple mood.

4. Pumpkin I just bought my first can of pumpkin and the first thing I made was Kiss My Broccoli’s peanut butter pumpkin cake for one. I always make a batch of Joy the Baker’s super soft pumpkin chocolate chip cookies too, but it’s a bit too early.

I also love the smell of pumpkin and you bet I’ll be at Starbucks on September 3rd for a PSL (pumpkin spice latte).

5. Avocados When I lived in North Carolina, I would ask for avocado and they wouldn’t have it. Instead, they suggested pineapple? However, at the same time, The Hop had homemade avocado ice cream that my mother loved. It wasn’t like the tasteless Magnolia brand avocado flavored ice cream either.

It’s all because I’m from California…


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