WIAW + Seven Wants

I have to say, my wants in life are small.

To feel hot

My friend SnapChatted a picture of them about to get in the shower so I did too.


I haven’t worn this skirt in 2+ years but dug it out.


To eat good food

Grilled onions, which I wanted to consume all of immediately


Banana pancakes! #breakfastfordinner all day everyday


Okay, but real talk, here are more specific wants

1. A full-time job I should probably actually apply for something though… I kind of stopped applying a month ago! Eek.

This is temporary, but I definitely gutted this classroom.


Um, how the…


Still, I’ve started to decorate with some items I had leftover. These will be attached to the shelves.


*I also bought like $50 worth of fabric for my bulletin boards.

2. A trip to North Carolina I almost got to go except for this job (see above).

3. To live for awhile in Colorado So many cool people live there like My Trainer Paige, Lauren, and Maddy… and Evan!

4. [Romantic] Love I guess that’s not a small wish, but I want to know what the hype is all about. At 27, I’ve never been in love.

5. A relationship Along those lines, I’ve never ever been in a real relationship. My co-worker mentioned the shift in our generation – we all co-mingle and there’s no need to be in a relationship. My social life is pretty good so I guess this may be true.

6. Unlimited yoga forever I’m obsessed.

I slept in and couldn’t make it to yoga till evening. I wanted to try out a new-to-me instructor who is also the owner of the studio.

I came out with hair like this:


I’ve gone to quite a few yoga studios.

The Yoga Mat isn’t exclusively heated. Sometimes their classes are heated to 80 degrees, but normally, you build your own heat. I’ve never studied yoga – I just know there are different schools on heat.

More so I love the vibe, the decor, and the semi-hippie instructors. They remind me of living in the mountains years ago.

Inversions aren’t happenin’ right now until my wrist improves, but I have a new pose to work on:

7. A dreamcatcher You know, to help me catch the aforementioned dreams.


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