Decorating the Classroom & Six Places


1. This is the first time using my CrockPot. I put in ground turkey and sirloin, tomato basil soup, fresh tomatoes, broth, feta, and a bit of mung bean pasta.


2. I had a turkey corn dog (from Trader Joe’s) and it was so good.


3. Christy & Eddie came with me to lunch (Taco Mesa for a salmon taco) and helped me with my bulletin boards.




4. I bought actual bulletin paper at Hobby Lobby. Yay for 40% off! However, they don’t have as much in crafts.


5. I can spend almost 2 hours at Michaels’ especially their clearance section!

Perfect considering last week’s Marvel movie marathon


Cheap frames ($1 each) + cards = turn in folder signs


6 places that have meaning to me

1. Asheville, NC I spent 6 years in this little Southern hippie town. I grew into my own person here, figured out what I wanted to do with my life and who I wanted to be, and met some great people… like my roommate Yancey.

A couple of random ones

I pretty much look like this now, but I liked my hair then.

2. Atlanta, GA The history, the Southern hospitality, and yet still forward-thinking of this city makes it one of my favorites. I took several trips here with friends, chaperoned students on a college visit, and then visited my friend in Athens, a wonderful college town outside of Atlanta.

3. Outer Banks, NC The best beaches, and that’s coming from a Californian. It’s exactly how Nicholas Sparks describes it, beautiful and quiet and surreal. I was going to go back this September but I have to work.

4. Salt Lake City, UT I’ve come here twice and made great friends with other bloggers. I loved the inspiration of being with so many like-minded, healthy, and successful women.

5. San Francisco, CA Once I visited, it dethroned Atlanta as my favorite city. I stayed in Berkeley on my trip but went to SF daily. There were so many parts of the city to explore and I loved the yoga and hippie lifestyle.

6. Orange County, CA I grew up here, and it may be a tad materialistic, but I love the parts of it that aren’t. Living here for the second time, I’ve discovered a world I was not privy to as a kid. Good thing for cars!


6 places I yearn to visit

1. Boulder, CO I cannot wait to come here for Blend 2015! So many great people live here and post fantastic photos. Plus, my dear Evan goes to school there!


2. Portland, OR My co-worker Kim told me this is where I would find my bearded, flannel-wearing brunette hippie man.

3. The rest of California However, Lysa says the guys in Portland are too granola and I should try Fresno where they are bearded, flannel-wearing brunette farmers.


I’ve only been to San Francisco and skipped the other parts of California. I want to see Napa, hike the gorgeous places, and lounge on surreal beaches.

4. England I took several history courses in college on England. I was a downright Anglophile.

I’m super jealous that my friend Christy will see Hyde Park (you should) and all the amazing architecture and history. Christy, take lots of photos and bring me back things!


5. Spain My friends have all visited and shared their experiences. While you should pretend you’re Canadian when you go to England, the Spanish are more accepting of us Americans from what I hear. I would love to stay up late, sleep in, and just enjoy life. I hear Greece is relaxing too!

6. Toronto/Montreal I’ve read too many travel magazines. It sounds like Europe but closer.


It’s time to turn in!



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