Taco Tuesday at Urban Cactus & Vegging Out


Yoga love. I’m going to be bummed when my pass expires and it’s too expensive to keep going.


Post-yoga brunch: I’ve been craving pizza for so long!


The guys from another department were having an “End of Fair” shindig.

It was a good/bad idea. I had an Apple Pie (mix of fireball and hard cider), a beer, and more beer in a WINNING game of beer pong! 🙂


I passed out at 7:45, my co-workers took me home, and I slept a glorious 13 or so hours.

I hadn’t eaten anything besides the slice of pizza (above) when I drank all that so I needed food.

Since it’s Taco Tuesday, I went to the newly opened Urban Cactus.

  Natural proteins + organic corn tortillasIMG_3730

I picked the bison picadillo & chicken pibil tacos. Soooo good – I’ll definitely be back!


My friend Drew informed me of our friend’s return to the states.


I haven’t booked the flight yet, but this is the plan!Screen Shot 2014-08-11 at 2.16.43 PM

  • Asheville to drink beer, do yoga, hike, eat good food, and pick up Yancey.
  • Charlotte stop to see Meighan!
  • Raleigh stop to see my big brother Greg.* He’s not really my brother.
  • Outer Banks for the “crash wedding.”
  • Back to Charlotte to fly out.

I’m spending the day vegging out, getting over this hangover, and researching things to do in the aforementioned places.

Oh, and watching “Hook.” I’ve never seen it or “Popeye!”

RIP Robin Williams.


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