How summer is different than the rest of my life


My job is flying by, which means that summer is too. Despite sometimes hating it, I love my summer job. I feel like I’m living a dream.

1. Mondays & Tuesdays are my weekend. While everyone else is at work, I feel like I’m playing hooky.

2. We Share Wednesday. We spice up the workweek by bringing food and dressing up. This week’s theme was “fiesta,” we wore sombreros, and we brought salsa, chips, & tacos. Next week we’re thinking Mediterranean.

3. There’s also breakfast for dinner on Sunday. We’re planning to make pancakes with bananas, Nutella, & cookie butter.

4. Social events are aplenty. The co-workers and I got together for a fancy pants dinner at Habana. I’ve had the place bookmarked for 2 years so I went all out.




Appetizers to share: empanadas (get it!) and Spanish flatbread

Entree: shrimp & ahi ceviche followed by sharing paella


Drinks: a pretty strong sangria, shared mojito, & a mango jalapeno margarita


5. Food is to be enjoyed not stressful. Surprisingly, I lose a few pounds over the course of the summer. There’s lots of walking to counteract the eating, but mostly, it’s the absence of stress over food.

My co-workers eat without talking about calories or guilt. I definitely experienced some food guilt after dinner at Zengo, where I went with a friend who made it a cheat meal, but not with the co-workers at Habana… they call it life.

I also realize I eat at work then won’t eat when I come home. I’m satisfied picking at the potluck food at work (salsas, guac, strawberries, & a mini beef taco today) that I don’t feel deprived.

Regular meals have gone out the window. While snacking throughout the day wouldn’t work for me normally, the abundance of healthy-ish and delicious food at works for me now because I don’t eat a lunch or dinner along with it.

Breakfast is the only thing I do make and eat. That breakfast consists of a green protein shake made with a scoop of Plant Fusion cookies & cream, 1/2 banana, 1 cup almond milk, and ice. Simple.


I have an obsession with flamingoes.


How is summer different from the rest of the year?


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